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Mafia IV story idea

Note: The particularly important details and music artist names are in bold text. Licensed music track names are in italics.
The year is 1973, five years after the events of the Mafia III, and 22 years since Vito Scaletta’s seen or heard from his old friend Joe Barbaro. The canon ending of Mafia III with this Mafia IV story is Vito taking over the city after Lincoln skipped town, however Cassandra and Burke are left alive and loyal to both Vito and Lincoln still. Burke was able to survive his liver cancer by getting a black market liver transplant in Mexico, like he did in his ending, except with Vito running the city. On Vito and Lincoln’s behalf, Burke and Cassandra agree to stay behind in New Bordeaux and keep the city locked down, incase Leo Galante and the Commission try anything.
The beginning cutscene is Vito answering his telephone after getting up in the morning in his new penthouse, on the top floor of the New Bordeaux casino he finished that was once Sal Marcano's, and grabbing a cup of coffee. It's Alma with some urgent news. Lincoln Clay came down to the cigar warehouse to visit her after 5 years of silence, and he has big news.
Joe is alive in Empire Bay and has been this entire time. However, as punishment for his actions, he's become Leo Galante's personal driver against his will and is forbidden from contacting Vito ever again, or else him and Vito will be killed. Alma then tells Vito to meet Lincoln at the airport to learn more, as he's already there awaiting Vito's arrival. When they're away from anyone who could listen in on their conversation, Lincoln tells Vito he has a friend named John Donovan he's going to introduce him to, hiding in the outskirts of Empire Bay, ready to help Vito and Lincoln with their new mission
Vito gets dressed in one of his signature trench coats with a suit and tie, ready to rain down hell on the Vinci crime family and their allies, and finally be reunited with his lifelong friend he previously thought was dead, Joe Barbaro.
Here is my idea for the kill list, all related to the Commission in Empire Bay and their allies.
I'm thinking Vito and Joe work with Lincoln Clay and John Donovan to split up Empire Bay and distribute territory to three other factions not unlike what Lincoln did with New Bordeaux. This time though, this is a much larger city in a much, much different part of the United States. The empire building mechanics would be a lot smoother, more robust, and streamlined compared to Mafia III. They would work similarly a more modernized version of how the game Scarface: The World Is Yours handled it's empire building and management mechanics, minus the whole switching to other characters lower on the ladder to do your bidding. This would be ideal for a story rich organized crime game in my opinion. Here are my ideas for those factions, all close allies of the up and coming Scaletta crime family.
The Cuban mob led by Alma Diaz. Vito goes way back with Alma, and she does not hesitate to answer him and Lincoln's calls to save Joe's life and royally fuck both Leo Galante and the Vinci family.
Conti crime family, led by Enzo Conti. This Conti crime family formed sometime in late 1968, months after Lincoln helped Enzo flee New Bordeaux and drop off of Sal Marcano's radar. It turns out he fled north to Empire Bay and finally formed his own family, having more than enough years of experience in the underworld to handle the job. Lincoln's tight with him and manages to recruit him to Vito and Joe's cause.
The Yakuza, based out of Empire Bay's Japantown. Longtime sworn enemies of the Empire Bay Triads, with bad blood going back decades. They would greatly enjoy seeing Mr. Chu and his son's heads mounted on pikes, along with whacking everyone who's ever supported their organization. You don't know them well, and they're known to be very unpredictable and ruthless. Use these traits to your advantage when taking on the Commission of Empire Bay and their friends.
I should mention as expected, this entire 1973 section where you play as Vito is much shorter than Mafia III. Vito's takeover is shown much more quickly over time than Lincoln's, and there's time skips during it, to keep it short and sweet, and to show onscreen only what's important. There is also no option for your underbosses to betray you, as to reduce confusion and keep the story consistently the same each playthrough, like the first two Mafia games.
However, unlike Mafia III, after all of these tasks are completed and every single assassination target on Vito’s kill list is dealt with, the game does not end. In fact, it's not even anywhere near close to being over yet. Vito's 1973 section was merely the beginning act. It was really a lead up to an entirely new Mafia story, centering around a newcomer to the American mob. Fast forward two years following Vito’s rampage that led to him taking over Empire Bay and the Commission, in the year 1975 him and Joe now rule Empire Bay, with Vito as the Don of the Scaletta Crime Family, and Joe working as his loyal underboss. You play the rest of the game as a young up and coming soldato named Louis in his 20’s, who’s a rising star in Vito’s organization. Do right by Mr. Scaletta and Mr. Barbaro, understand kid?
My basic idea for the character and his backstory is that he's a young Italian-Canadian mobster from Toronto, Ontario, or whatever Mafia's equivalent of it could be called. Let's call him Louis DeAngelo. (No relation to Tommy Angelo) His family hails from Tuscany in Italy and moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1939, shortly after World War II broke out in Europe. Louis DeAngelo was born in July 1952 in Toronto, and was raised in Toronto's Little Italy. Louis fled south to Empire Bay when the feds started cracking down on his old family and put his boss in prison, and he ended up finding a new home with the Scaletta crime family. The first few missions playing as Louis DeAngelo involve shooting your away out of an arrest by a Toronto Police Service SWAT team in Toronto in December 1974, seeing the rest of the members of your old crime family either get arrested or shot in front of you as you make your escape. You spend the next two missions fleeing Ontario through Quebec and upstate New York, before finally arriving in Empire Bay in early 1975, late January to be exact. Winter is in full force with snow everywhere, Louis' arrival to Empire Bay for the first time in his life mirroring Vito's return to Empire Bay in 1945 30 years earlier, except under far different much more dire circumstances. Louis' older brother and his father, both capos in his old crime family in Toronto, are shown to be arrested by the TPS SWAT team in his first mission, the same one that attempted to gun him down when he resisted arrested. Louis knows someone had to have ratted out his old crime family, and he wants to find out who someday. The thing is though, he doesn't just want to kill them. He wants to get out of them why they did it before he kills them. More than anything else, he just wants to find out why his crime family was betrayed and served up to the feds on a silver platter, having most of his biological family sent to prison in the process. He’s out to uncover the mystery of why his family fell apart, and he’s more than willing to help people like Don Vito Scaletta and his underboss Joe Barbaro to eventually get the answers he seeks. I came up with the idea for this character because I figured that playing as a fugitive from the law made sense for the mob life, and I'm surprised we haven't had a fugitive protagonist in the Mafia series yet.
In the 1975 chapters while playing as Louis, the Watergate scandal, President Richard Nixon’s resignation, and the official end to the Vietnam War are both discussed on the in-game radio during news segments. In the last 1979 chapter, the beginning of the Soviet-Afghan War is also the subject of a news segment on the radio.
The story eventually transitions into the 1980's as years pass, with the scenery, cars, and music changing accordingly, and historical events of the time discussed in the game. By the time the game ends, it's 1992, and significant historical events from the past few years at the time that are covered on the radio in-game include anything from the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War, the collapse of the Soviet Union, to the 1992 L.A. riots. The rise of the internet and home computers are briefly touched upon during news segments on the in-game radio during the early 1990's section of the story, but not greatly delved into given their relative infancy in that time period. During this entire 1975-1992 stretch of the story, Vito is no longer playable, and Don Scaletta takes a backseat in the story as a main supporting character, similar to Don Salieri throughout Mafia: Definitive Edition. You now play as the Italian-Canadian Scaletta family soldato Louis DeAngelo, who is later promoted to being a capo in 1985. However, unlike Don Salieri, Don Scaletta has much more integrity, and has more genuine loyalty for his men and his associates. If you've beaten Mafia 1 or Mafia: Definitive Edition, you'll know this is something Salieri lacked in the end.
The game will include a number of hit music from the 70’s that played on the radio back then, such as Bobby Womack’s Across 110th Street and Tony Christie’s (Is This the Way to) Amarillo, The Grateful Dead's Casey Jones and at least a few songs by the then new American rock band Cheap Trick, as well as popular songs from the 1960’s people still listened to at the time, such as Sam the Sham and the PharaohsWooly Bully, King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man, Zager and Evans' In the Year 2525, The Zombies' Time of the Season, and Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made for Walkin'. When you progress through the game, especially after you switch to playing as Louis DeAngelo for the rest of the story, years change, and the music changes. Different songs start playing on the radio, such as Sylvester's You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Randy Crawford's Street Life, and The Village People's Y.M.C.A., Cheryl Lynn's Got to Be Real, Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, and the Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive start playing in the 1979 portion of the game. After you've completed the 1975 section of the game, Foghat's Slow Ride starts playing on the radio. Starting in the 1977 section of the game, Cheap Trick's I Want You to Want Me and Heart's Barracuda start playing on the radio. In the 1980's portion of the game, Thomas Dolby's songs Hyperactive! and She Blinded Me with Science, in addition to Night Ranger's Sister Christian also start playing on the radio. If Hangar 13 can afford the licenses, I also think a few Michael Jackson and Madonna songs should definitely be on the radio during the 1980's portion of the story, given the immense popularity and regular radio airtime those two had in that decade. If this ended up being possible, I imagine that Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad, and Billie Jean being on the radio in the 80's sections would be a must, Smooth Criminal especially because of how well it suits the series. Madonna's Lucky Star, Burning Up, Like a Virgin, and Borderline would also be perfect for the 80's portion of the game to me. Also mentioned by NPCs and civilians in the game are topical events of the time period, such as the release of the groundbreaking 1973 horror film The Exorcist at the end of Vito's playable portion of the game.
Other music of the 1980's segment when playing as Louis DeAngelo for the remainder of the game includes hits of the era such as Joe Jackson's Steppin' Out, The Buggles' Video Killed The Radio Star, Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night, Laura Branigan's Self Control and Gloria, The Weather Girls' It's Raining Men, A-ha’s Take On Me, Men at Work's Down Under, Kim Wilde's Kids in America, The Gap Band's You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon, Twisted Sister's I Wanna Rock and We're Not Gonna Take It, Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive and Bad Medicine, Loverboy's Working for the Weekend, Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) and That's the Way (I Like It), Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now, Daryl Hall & John Oates' Maneater, Aneka's Japanese Boy, Mötley Crüe's Dr. Feelgood, Girls, Girls, Girls and Kickstart My Heart, Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire, Huey Lewis And The News' Hip To Be Square, Bill Medley's (I've Had) The Time of My Life, The Police's Every Breath You Take, Whodini's Magic's Wand, Tears For Fears' Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me, Regina's Baby Love, Nena's 99 Red Balloons, Earth, Wind, and Fire's Let's Groove and September, Billy Idol's Eyes Without a Face and White Wedding, Rick JamesGive It To Me Baby, Wham!'s Everything She Wants, George Michael's Careless Whisper, Toto's Hold the Line and Africa, Blondie's Heart of Glass and Atomic, and Mai Tai's History.
Note that not every single year and moment of the 17 year 1975-1992 section playing as Louis DeAngelo is playable or chronicled. My idea is it would be handled similarly to how the time skips in Mafia 1/Mafia: Definitive Edition were handled. Time skips of two or more years, or in this case, even longer such as 4 years sometimes, the game skipping from 1979 to 1983. This is to keep the game and story length ideal, and not risk it getting boring or repetitive, or going on for too long. Repetition was a big problem in Mafia III even if I still thought it was a superb game, so I think it'd be best to learn from that for the next big entry. The games story will skip ahead and show onscreen only what's significant, similar to the first Mafia game and it's remake, as well as certain aspects of Mafia II. Louis starts his section as a 22 year old fugitive soldato who got picked up by another crew south of the Canadian border, and in the epilogue of the game in 1992, is promoted to the consigliere of the Scaletta crime family at the age of 40, being set to take over the family once Vito and Joe become too old to run the day to day on a regular basis.
The years chronicled in the main gameplay segments are as follows:
Much more of the rural areas and countryside outside of Empire Bay are included than what was available in Mafia II. The way rural environments are handled for this hypothetical Mafia IV is akin to how Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia III handled their rural environments outside the main cities, except much larger in scale, given the increased power of the current new consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. This region is based off of upstate New York and the surrounding areas across multiple states in the Northeastern US, and includes forests, fields, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, and small towns. Also included are other cities and towns, based off of other large cities in New York like Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester, where other story missions, business activities, and side missions take place, along with smaller notable places like Ithaca, Binghamton, and Utica. The entire states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, and Ohio are also included, including places based off of all of their major cities and most of their notable towns in between. Large portions of Pennsylvania are included as well, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Scranton. Large portions of the eastern half of the Canadian province of Ontario are included as well, including cities based off of Toronto, Ottawa, and Niagara Falls. There's even a small portion of Quebec included, including Montreal and the surrounding countryside of the province outside that city, including a few small towns in southern Quebec. The player must pass a quick border patrol check when crossing the US-Canada border in a car or other ground vehicle.
Wildlife is present in the game, mostly to add to the background, scenery, and immersion in rural environments on the map. These are all animals native to the Northeastern US, ranging from white tailed deer, coyotes, bobcats, Canada lynxes, rabbits, hares, groundhogs, gophers, beavers, raccoons, opossums, bats, chipmunks, red and gray squirrels, mice, and rats to more formidable and potentially dangerous animals that may sometimes attack the player, such as grey wolves, black bears, mountain lions, and moose. These last four animals are known to spawn in the mountainous regions, especially in New York, Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Ontario, including the rural regions based off of the Catskills and the Adirondack mountains. Dogs are present in the cities, towns, and settlements where humans live and keep them as pets, being walked and sometimes found in people's yards. Some are used as guard dogs by enemies and are aggressive towards the player on sight. Domestic cats are also present in the background of residential areas, and both Louis and Vito own them as pets throughout the game in their safe houses, as well as other onscreen characters we see the homes of throughout the game.
Aircraft make their first usable appearance in the Mafia series too, from airplanes to helicopters. Vito cannot use planes or helicopters in his playable 1973 portion of the game, as he does not know how to pilot, being a paratrooper in World War II who never actually flew any of the planes himself. Aircraft are unlocked to use when Louis DeAngelo gets his pilot’s certificate offscreen in 1977, and at the end of a chapter set that year, Louis has to fly Vito in a helicopter to a penthouse in Downtown Empire Bay acting as a family safe house, equipped with a helipad. Louis frequently serves as a personal driver and pilot for both Vito and Joe afterwards, having done a lot in his time serving the family to earn their trust and respect.
Melee weapons also make a return from Mafia: Definitive Edition, with even more variety this time. In their respective sections of the game, Vito and Louis may use anything from baseball bats, pipes, shovels, brass knuckles, golf clubs, police batons, switchblades, kitchen knives, bowie knives, ice picks, 2x4s, claw hammers, crowbars, tire irons, chain links, machetes, meat cleavers, pickaxes, hatchets, sledgehammers, to fire axes. This amount of melee weapons is so no matter what environment the player finds themselves in during a mission or any other game activity, there is usually a weapon of some sort nearby. If the player has obtained piano wire, you may also strangle an enemy to death with it from behind as a stealth kill, this being a classic assassination method infamous for being used by the Italian Mafia. Rope can also be found and used for similar strangulation stealth kills, appearing in the gameplay environments where piano wire can’t be found. There is a wide variety of new guns and explosives to use in this concept for Mafia IV, going with the new weapons of the time the game takes place that criminals quickly got their hands on. This includes the SPAS-12 combat shotgun, the Beretta 92 pistol, the AK-74 assault rifle, the mini uzi, the MAC-10 submachine gun, both suppressed and unsuppressed variants, the Beretta 92 pistol, the Taurus raging bull revolver, Glock handguns, the TEC-9 machine pistol, illegally modified to be full auto, the Ruger Mini-14 full auto variant, and even Vietnam war era flamethrowers, which I think is only natural given that as of Mafia III, we already have RPGs and grenade launchers. Late in the game from the 1989 section and onwards, the Benelli M3 combat shotgun becomes available. The Milkor MGL grenade launcher becomes available beginning in the 1983 portion of the game. Attached grenade launchers are also available for the AK-47, AK-74, and M16 assault rifles.
Free ride makes a return in Mafia IV, with the player having the options to change the weather, time period, and an option to play as Louis, Vito, Joe, or Lincoln. Naturally, a multitude of new free ride missions are available as well.
I previously posted a much earlier and less detailed draft of this on the old Mafia3 subreddit 3 years ago back in 2017 as an idea for a hypothetical Mafia 3 expansion where you play as Vito, but have since updated and revamped it to a possible Mafia IV plot, and fixed any plot holes I noticed and made it much more fleshed out and in depth, and focus on more than just Vito in the end. You may view my original here if you so desire, to compare.
Feel free to give me constructive criticism on this, as I encourage this discourse and believe it is integral to growing and improving, to build upon or improve these ideas I've come up with, or say whether or not you think something like this should happen in the future. Thank you for reading!
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Future of the franchise

Here are my ideas to what they should do for the future games
Mafia I Remastered (Upgrade to next gen graphics, fix the lighting and the few glitches. Change some things like when you fill up your gas tank show Tommy doing it like in Mafia II instead of what we got now, change the drive by it’s too easy, give us the option to change clothes in the story instead of just in free roam and add all the golden guns too. Change the way he goes up and down a ladder because that’s exactly like Lincoln Clay, change how he throws molotov and also change how he takes cover because that’s also exactly like Lincoln. Also change the way npc’s react when they’re shot or shot at and make them smarter. Add rival gangs so we can fight them in free roam. Make the bullet holes on npc’s and Tommy better. Add some things like trams, trains, a wanted system exactly like Mafia II, places to eat, ability to smoke, clothing stores, vehicle customizations, trafic lights so we can get a ticket when we run over red light, maybe some ambulances that can arrive when people die and make the police do a crime scene where the people died, more free roam missions where you could be inspired by the ones in the original Mafia and some more scores to the chapters. I love the scores that are there now but sometimes it gets a little repetitive and could be refreshing if there were something new. I know this is a small thing and I also know that you can see it on the map but I would love for them to write the date of the chapter when the chapter loads up like in Mafia II.)
DLC: Don Peppone (Everybody would love to see this. We all wants to see what happened. Let the game take place in 1910s to late 1920s. Let’s see a commission meeting with the big names from Mafia II, III, IV and V when Don Morello and Don Salieri became rivals. Show Carlo’s father. Maybe we could also see Alberto Clemente get his family accepted at the commission meeting in 1929. Show how Paulie and Sam got accepted into The Salieri Family. Would also have loved to see a cameo of Don Vinci to see the friendship between Don Salieri and him.)
DLC: Mafia II Mobile (This is a really good story that only a few has tried. It takes place in 1938 about a protagonist called Marco Russetto who is the nephew of Vincenzo. He travels to Empire Bay to find Tommy Angelo after he betrayed The Family. He starts working for Henry Tomasino. Look up the story it’s really interesting he works for Don Falcone and Don Vinci. He ends up in prison at some time also. There are some things in the story that you would have to change so it would make sense but this really does have potential. Plus if you created this Empire Bay map then you could use it for a Mafia II Remake.)
Mafia II Remake (It needs it. It truly needs it when you look at all the things that where scrapped. Add all the cut content. Add some amazing next gen graphics and a fantastic engine. Don’t change the characters look or voice since this game has the best voice acting in the world. Add more chapters to it so it would be longer and fill out the holes in the story. And let’s see more background to the characters. Maybe add some countryside to expand the Empire Bay map. Make some references to Los Ondas and the mobsters there. Make also some references to Mafia III and IV characters. Let’s see the return of the cigarette cards where we see the big mobsters of the 40s.)
DLC: Vinci-Moretti War (Very interesting story. We would love to see why this war happened and to see how Don Falcone and Eddie Scarpa took over after Don Moretti died. To see a younger Leo Galante and Don Vinci in the war and how they acted. Would also love to see how Alberto Clemente took over Don Moretti’s and Don Vinci’s businesses. That would explain why Leo Galante hated Alberto so much. You could maybe include Fredo Clemente somewhere there and maybe see Alberto give Henry Tomasino a job and Luca Gurino’s involvement. Let’s see more to Jack Olivero and Tony Balls since he was the driver in the car with Don Moretti where Steve Coyne planted the bomb and killed Don Moretti. Show how Derek Pappalardo was involved in the war and how he got rewarded the docks.)
DLC: Joe’s Adventures Remake (To this one they need to add cutscenes. Interesting point of view to see it when Vito was in jail but it lacked cutscenes. Let’s hear more about Tony Balls and Rocco.)
Mafia III Remake (A game with a lot of good elements, great story and great characters. Fix all the glitches and lighting. I had 2 problems with this game. Number 1 was that it was really repetitive. I don’t feel it had a good reply value like the other 2 games. I think this remake should make it chapter to chapter based so we don’t have to take over all those rackets again and again. Number 2 was that I didn’t feel it was so connected to the franchise. I felt with a remake where you add some chapters and some voice recording where you hear about some of the characters from Mafia I, II and IV would help a lot. And as I stated below I think Mafia IV should be a prequel to Mafia III being set in the gap of Mafia II and Mafia III. So therefore you could add Mafia III characters to Mafia IV’s story. Since it’s the 30th anniversary of The Salieri Family case then they should add a newspaper about it. Maybe tell that Detective Norman has retired. Make some references to Los Ondas and the mobsters there. Add again the cigarette cards and show the big mobsters of the 60s)
DLC: All Saint’s Day Massacre (It would be amazing to have a prequel to Mafia III about Sal Marcano and his brothers to see how they took over New Bordeaux. Let’s see how Sal tricked his brothers to kill Don Carillo and how Valerio Marcano died and let’s see some background to Sal’s brother Lucio. It would also connect us more to Mafia III’s story where this is the Marcano Family’s rise and Mafia III is their downfall. Would love to see a commission meeting with Sal where he introduces himself as the new don of New Bordeaux. Let’s see some more to Roman Barbieri, Frank Pagani, Gianni and Tony Derazio and Enzo Conti and how they got recruited. Let’s see Thomas Burke and Sammy Robinson and the rest of the Black Mob and how they ended up working for Sal Marcano and maybe their problem with the Haitians.)
Mafia IV (Set as a prequel to Mafia III in Havana and Florida. Inspired by Godfather II and Meyer Lansky’s story. Tell the story about Fredo Clemente. Let’s see Sal opening his casinos in Havana and how Tommy Marcano got to work for him. Let’s see the other families settling down in Havana. How did Fredo react when his brother died and wouldn’t he kill the 2 who did it? Maybe some families from other states where causing trouble. Maybe the families from Pennsylvania would like a slice of the casinos. Let’s see an introduction to Louie Romeo just to see him. Tell more about Nino Santangelo since he is cuban. Since the events of this game is taking place before Mafia III maybe we could see what happened to Lucio Marcano when he died in 1962. Make some references to Los Ondas and the mobsters there. Add again the cigarette cards and show the big mobsters of the 50s.)
DLC: Pennsylvania (Inspired by The Irishman, The Pittsburgh Family and The Bufalino Family. Let’s see some of the Mafia there and how they wanted to take control of some of the casinos in Havana. Show their connections to The Empire Bay families. Maybe Louie Romeo could be from this state.)
Mafia V (Inspired by Casino and Mickey Cohen’s and Bugsy Siegel’s story. Now this should be about Los Ondas and how the Mafia wanted to take control on the West Coast. Los Ondas should be Los Angeles and Las Vegas combined. It should take place from the 30s-80s. Let’s see when the commission from the East wanted Louie Romeo to make their move on the West. It would be interesting to see Los Angeles in the 40s-50s and Las Vegas in 70s-80s. Let’s see a war in the Las Vegas strip. This would take place at the same time as the other mafia games so make some references and cameos from the characters from the other games. Maybe Fredo Clemente and Louie Romeo could be in war so you could see it from 2 different perspectives. Mafia IV would be Fredo’s perspective and Mafia V would be Louie’s perspective. Since it also takes place after the events of the other games let’s see what happened to the families in those citys. Like we could see who was running Lost Heaven after the 30’s and who ran Empire Bay after the chaos that Vito, Joe and Henry has caused.)
DLC: San Francisco (Maybe a map expansion and show how the family operated there.)
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Introducing: The Royal Family of Monaco

Prince Rainier III (1923-2005)
Rainier’s mother, Princess Charlotte, was actually illegitimate. Her father Louis II, getting older and with no legitimate children, legitimized her and made her his heir. She never took the throne, and in fact renounced her rights to her son, Rainier, the day before his 21st birthday.
Rainier became the Sovereign Prince of Monaco upon the death of his grandfather in 1949.
During WW2, Rainier served in the Free French Army. During the 40s and 50s he was in a long term relationship with the French film actress Gisele Pascal. Rainier’s sister, Princess Antoinette, wanted her own son to ascend to the throne, and spread rumors that Pascal was infertile. The rumors along with her treatment by the press and public ended their relationship.
After the war Monaco, a country who made its money primarily as a gambling origin, was in crisis as wealthy Europeans found their funds diminished after the war. To restore Monaco’s treasury Rainier decided to promote Monaco as a tax haven, and he personally took control of SBM (the company who owns the Monte Carlo Casino, Opera, and Hostel de Paris) in 1964. Prince Albert still retains a large share of the company and profits from it today.
Everyone knows this one. Rainier married American film star Grace Kelly in 1956.
Their marriage is rumored to have been turbulent. It is said that Grace struggled with adjusting to royal life, regretted ending her film career, and that Rainier had extramarital affairs. Her children have stated that though she was a loving mother, they spent more time with nannies than with their parents.
Grace's dress is iconic, but here you go if you want to revisit some photos from that day.
Rainier smoked up to 60 cigarettes per day, and in the last years of his life his health steadily declined. On March 8th, 2005 he entered the hospital for a lung infection and by the end of the month he was on a ventilator suffering from renal and heart failure. On March 31st he officially announced his son Albert, as regent, and on April 6th he died.
The Constitution
Monaco’s constitution stated that Monaco is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the hereditary princes of the Grimaldi. If the reigning prince were to die without leaving a male heir, Monaco, according to the treaty, would be incorporated into France. In 2002, realizing he had a 43 year old bachelor son, Rainier amended the constitution to allow the crown to pass to his daughters should Albert not marry.
Grace, Princess of Monaco (1929-1982)
Grace was born in Philadelphia to an affluent and influential family. Her father was an Olympian and a Democratic nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia and was appointed by President Roosevelt as National Director of Physical Fitness. Her mother taught physical education at the University of Pennsylvania and coached women’s athletics at Penn.
Her Uncle, George Kelly, was a Pulitzer prize winning dramatist, screenwriter, and director and used his influence to gain Grace admission to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Grace became one of the biggest movie stars of her generation.
In 1955 she was sent to the Cannes Film Festival and invited to appear in photos with Prince Rainier. After a year-long courtship, they were married in 1956.
Grace was not allowed to continue her acting career after her marriage. She instead devoted herself to her role as Princess, become heavily involved with the Red Cross of Monaco and the Rainbow Children Coalition.
On September 13, 1982, Kelly was driving back to Monaco after spending time at her country home. During the drive she had a stroke, lost control of her vehicle, and drove off the mountainside. She died a day later.
An article on their relationship
Prince Albert II (b. 1958)
Prince Albert is one of the wealthiest royals in the world with a net worth at more than $1B. He attended Amherst College in Massachusetts, studying political science, economics, music, and English literature, and completed his education with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He toured Europe in 1979 as part of the Amherst College Glee Club.
Albert competed in the bobsleigh for five consecutive Winter Olympics on behalf of Monaco, and was their flag bearer at the 1988, 1994, and 1998 Olympics. He is also a judo black belt.
He became Prince of Monaco when his father died in 2005.
Prior to his marriage his status as a bachelor was a hot topic of discussion. He was known to date well-known fashion models and actresses, however at age 53 had never married. It was rumored that Albert was gay, something he expressed great frustration with in the press. In 2006 he attended the opening ceremony of the Torino Olympics with South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock. They were engaged in 2010, and married in 2011.
There are rumors that Charlene tried to flee the country the day before their wedding. It is reported that the future bride, after discovering Albert may have fathered yet another child during their relationship, attempted to flee as many as three times before their wedding, however was always intercepted at the airport. It is also said she attempted to seek refuge at the South African embassy, and that officials in Monaco ended up hiding her passport so she could not leave the country.
Moreover, during their wedding, Charlene openly cried at parts, and Prince Albert was caught on camera begging her to kiss him. Honestly, she looked pretty miserable the whole time. The palace has denied all of these claims.
During their honeymoon, they stayed in separate hotels
Here's everything you ever needed to know about their wedding
Watch it
Prince Albert is passionate about the environment and an avid sportsman. Prince Albert speaks French, English, German, and Italian. He speaks English with basically no accent thanks to his American mother.
Illegitimate Children
In 2005, the day before Prince Rainier died, Albert publicly acknowledged he had fathered a son out of wedlock. In 2006, he confirmed he had also fathered a daughter. These children were barred from the line of inheritance because of a 2002 constitutional amendment requiring an heir’s parents to be married.
Alexandre (b. 2003)
Alexandre’s mother (Nicole Coste) was a flight attendant for Air France and met Prince Albert when he was a passenger on a flight. He asked for her number, the beginning of a years-long affair. The relationship ended at the insistence of Prince Rainier. Albert visited Alexandre and Nicole often, however when he refused to acknowledge Alexandre publicly, Nicole sold an interview and pictures to the media. Albert was in mourning for his father and made no public comment, but later did acknowledge paternity. Alexandre and Nicole live in France at an estate given to them by Albert.
Jazmin (b. 1992)
Jazmin’s mother, Tamara, met Albert while working as a waitress. Albert knew of Jazmin and visited her, however did not acknowledge her publicly until she was in high school to protect her identity. In 2006 the French magazine Voici published photographs of Jazmin and her mother on a visit to Monaco, outing her as Albert’s daughter. She has attended events with Albert and Charlene, and is listed as a sponsor for her father’s royal foundation.
An interview with Jazmin
Princess Charlene (b. 1978)
Born in Zimbabwe, Charlene’s family relocated to South Africa in 1989. She represented South Africa at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, finished fifth in the 4x100 meter relay.
Albert and Charlene met at the Mare Nostrum swimming competition in Monaco in 2000, however were not seen together until 2006.
Charlene converted to Roman Catholicism for her wedding, and has learned French and Monegasque after her move to Monaco. She is an ambassador for the Special Olympics, patron of the South African Red Cross, and is passionate about sport.
In recent news, she completed “the crossing” water bike challenge, a 180 kilometer water bike race for charity.
An interview with Charlene and Albert on the 1st birthday of their twins
Albert and Charlene have 2 children:
Hereditary Prince Jacques *twin* (b. 2014)
Princess Gabriella *twin* (b. 2014)
Gabriella was born 2 minutes before her brother, however because of the constitution her brother will inherit the throne. They are super sweet together and you see them at events often.
Princess Caroline of Hanover (b. 1957)
Caroline is the eldest child of Rainier and Grace Kelly, however because of the constitution her brother, Albert, sits on the throne of Monaco. She served as de facto first lady of Monaco until the marriage of Albert and Charlene.
Until the birth of her niece and nephew she was heir presumptive to the throne, although she had only held that title since 2005 after the change of the constitution to include female heirs.
Caroline received her French baccalaureat in 1974, and received a degree in Philosophy from Sorbonne University. She is fluent in French, English, Spanish, German, and Italian. Her hobbies include horseback riding, swimming, and skiing.
Married Phillippe, a Parisian banker, in 1978. The couple divorced in 1980 with no children.
Married Stefano in 1983, the sportsman heir to an Italian industrial fortune. The two had to marry in a civil ceremony rather than a religious ceremony because Caroline, a Catholic, was divorced. Caroline was 3 months pregnant at the time of their wedding.
They have three children:
  1. Andrea Casiraghi (1984)
  1. Charlotte Casiraghi (1986)
  1. Pierre Casiraghi (b. 1987)
Note: The Casiraghi’s are all very beautiful and very fashionable but I don’t want to go much into them here because they are so far down the line of succession. They’re fun to follow for their fashion if you have the time to check them out.
Married Ernst August, a Prince, in 1999. They have one daughter, Princess Alexandra.
Caroline is thus a Princess twice-over, through her family and through her husband. She and Ernst August have been separated since 2009 however are still legally married, thus she retains the title of Princess Caroline of Hanover.
Read about all of her weddings here
See her speaking in English around 12:00 here
Princess Stephanie (b. 1965)
Stephanie was in the vehicle with her mother when Grace died. She suffered a fracture of the neck.
She has studied classical dance and piano, and competed in gymnastics and horse riding. She interned at Christian Dior and debuted as a model in 1984. She has a swimwear and perfume line, and owns cafes and stores in both Monaco and Barcelona. She also has sold more than 2 million copies of her song, Ouragan, and sold 1.5M copies of her album Besoin. She recorded “In the Closet” with Michael Jackson, however is listed as “mystery girl” in the credits.
Stephanie married her former body guard, Daniel Ducruet, in 1995. When Rainier learned of their relationship Daniel was not only still his employee, but had a pregnant girlfriend too. Stephanie gave birth to their two children “out of wedlock” because Rainier refused to grant permission for them to marry, however eventually relented. The two divorced a year later after Ducruet was photographed naked with a stripper.
Read more
They have two children:
  1. Louis (b. 1992)
  1. Pauline (b. 1994)

Stephanie and Jean never married, however have a child together. He was Rainier’s Head of Security. She did not identify him on the birth certificate and it was not confirmed that he was Camille’s father until she confirmed it herself on her Instagram.
More about Jean

Stephanie met elephant trainer (yeah, you read that right) when she presented him with the award for “best animal tamer” at the Monaco Circus Festival in 1997. Franco, a decade older than Stephanie, was married with two children at the time. Franco left his family for Stephanie, moving her and her three children into his circus caravan in Zurich. Marrying in 2001, their relationship lasted 18 months until their divorce.
An interview with Stephanie in English in 1990
Why is he a Prince and not a King?
From vogue:
It goes back deep into the history of Monaco. Monaco has always been a tiny nation, and, for protection, allied itself with (or, at some points, was flat-out annexed by) big powerful countries, with big powerful rulers—aka kingdoms, or, a nation ruled by a king or queen. So Monaco’s rulers styled themselves as prince and princess. That, by definition, made the nation a principality, or one ruled by prince or princess.
Regardless, Albert actually plays a bigger role in the day to day operations of the country than most of his European peers. Legislative power is divided between the Prince who initiates the laws, and the National Council who votes on them. Executive power is retained by the Prince, and he has full judiciary powers.
See their tiara collection
I think the Ocean Tiara, gifted to Charlene for her wedding, is particularly interesting. You either love it or you hate it.
The Grimaldi Curse
What do you think?
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[WTS] Customs (Vox, Anso, Gavko, Strider, PDW, SG, McNees, Kingdom, Rassento, Doyle, Dervish, McGinnis)

Selling a whole bunch of excellent knives that no longer bring me joy.
Prefer to sell. Only considering trades for Mayo, Cope, JB Stout or John Gray customs.
Last note: I can only check Reddit a few times each day. I'll take the first clear, unambiguous, unqualified "I'll take it" or "yolo." ASKING FOR MORE INFORMATION IS NOT A YOLO. Thanks!
Thanks for looking!
Timestamp and all videos
Videos should be updated and working now!
Knife Condition Price Why it's great Why I'm selling
Vox F5 B $800 Classic knife by a classic maker. Pretty sure the blade is RWL-34 (I think most of Vox's stuff is). Super heavy-duty construction, full flat grind comes down to a GREAT working edge. The green-and-bronze ano Vox and Anso use is super cool up close. I've got half a dozen "nice user knives", all of which have already seen more use than this guy.
Anso Ziggy C $600 Lightweight user by Jens Anso, discontinued model. C due to aftermarket stippling. Shape was the inspiration for the Ace Biblio. Looks like a blade that's a few years old, edge could use a touch-up, and there's a bit of lockstick, but with a little bit of TLC this will be a GREAT EDC custom. I've got 4 other Ansos (in-hand or on order), and this one has just enough quirks to part with it.
Gavko Spydie Tiger B $850 Lightweight Gavko in his heavily bead-blasted finish. Hollow-ground tanto comes down to a super usable edge. Heavy detent but flicks out nicely. I got another small, all-Ti thumbhole knife I love a bit better. That said, this is the one knife on the list I LEAST want to sell, and I won't be bummed if it sticks around.
Strider SMF B $650 From a few months back, grey aluminum scales with a flat-finished spring side and a bead-blasted blade. PSF-27. Super cool, almost low-key rendition of the SMF. And say what you will about the SMF, but I'm yet to find another large knife with better ergos. Note there is some very slight surface rust on the spring side of the blade...I'm sure it'll come off in a jiff, I haven't tried anything. I've got 3 Demkos which all have already seen use, and I just don't need a bucketful of large, hard-use knives in a town where carrying all of them is technically illegal.
Gareth Bull Invictus B $800 Just received, Gareth Bull's take on Ma's Invictus design from a few years back. Direct inspiration for the newer Terrain 365 take on it. Kinda speaks for itself given the maker and design. Will get you many many Instagram points. The Invictus blade shape just doesn't work for my EDC needs. I know most people love it, though.
Terrain 365 Invictus B+ $350 Just received, Terrain 365's Terravantium take on the Invictus, here in Marine G10. Probably still available some places, but most got snapped up pretty quick. See previous line.
SG Knives Murai B+ $600 Received in a trade, custom from an up-and-coming Indonesian knifemaker. Lighter than it looks, great finishing, deploys easily from either a thumbstud or a flipper tab. Really cool-looking and effective hollow grind. Like it, don't love it. Simple as that.
McNees Tanjun B $500 Just received, 3V blade, it's a McNees, meaning it looks clunky and caveman-ish and yet somehow functions like a dream. Late lockup, otherwise technically excellent, fires out with an effortless action. Same reason as the Spydie Tiger. (My new John Gray Bloodshark)
McNees Sodbuster B $800 20CV front flipper from McNees. Has been carried a few times. Acid-washed blade, copper accents, and I'd argue better action than any of the Burgers I owned. (Pew pew) Insanely nice, yet as low-key as a knife gets. I'll never be comfortable with front-flippers, and this blade shape doesn't quite work for my EDC.
Kingdom Armory Rook B- $900 Huginn Damasteel, full custom from Kingdom. Awesome blocky design with orange peel Ti and copper bolsters. Contoured so it feels great in the hand. Note it's very thin behind the edge, but came to me not-that-sharp and remains not-that-sharp. Some use toward the tip, was carried a few times. Too damn fancy for me, and I don't like damasteels.
Rassenti Druid B $800 SOLD Crazy good action, super-useful Wharnie blade. And it's a Rassenti. Only issue is, because it's a Rassenti, it's got some lockstick, which varies from not that bad to occasionally requires-two-hands-to-disengage. Haven't tried to do anything to fix it, has been the case since I got it. Too fancy.
Doyle Corsair B $350 Beast of a blade, thick 3V blade with .190ish stock that still cuts well. Super-contoured handles. Probably gives my Demkos a run as a "user" knife. Too big for me to carry.
Dervish TAD Dauntless B $1300 From Triple Aught's recent drop, there are only 3 of these in the world (plus one with blue carboquartz). Carboquartz and marbled CF scales, 20CV blade, made by Dervish knives, excellent action on bearings. Super pretty custom that also would be great as a user. WAY lighter than it looks. It's worth $1300. More importantly, it serves the same role in my collection as my beloved Demko AD-15, so I don't need both.
McGinnis Valve (Midtech) C $200 SOLD Same as McGinnis's Spokes, exceptional machining and action throughout, great user blade. Note this one saw some serious use from the previous owner, has its share of scuffs on the scales. I've got enough small EDC users.
Anso Monte Carlo B $800 Extraordinarily light, "legal everywhere" friction folder / slipjoint (has a half stop, but runs off a double detent, not a backspring) from Jens Anso. Inspiration for the ZT 0230. Fatcarbon scales on this one. Perfect little EDC, won't threaten anybody in the lunchroom. I need to use my Impinda more, and I've got a Casino on the way from Jens.
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Grand Theft Auto V/Online Protagonists run a heist gauntlet.

Franklin, Trevor, Michael, Lester, and 4 GTA Online protaganists team up and try to raid/steal from the most highly secure places on Earth. For each location, they have two weeks of prep time and can spend $50 million on resources for the heist. For the heist to be successful, they must accomplish the mission and be able to lie low within 48 hours of the heist being undergone. They can be discovered but they cannot enter their safehouse until nobody is actively attacking them. They get a month of rest and healing after each round but after the first or subsequent round, they will be wanted fugitives unless they finish the round completely undetected. Assuming endgame version of each character.
  1. Steal millions of cash from the Monte Carlo Casino
  2. Break a prisoner out of USP Florence ADMAX
  3. Steal a ton of gold from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  4. Steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre
  5. Steal books from the Vatican's secret archives
  6. Steal Lenin's body from his tomb in Red Square
  7. Steal the Crown Jewels of England in the Tower of London
  8. Steal the Hope Diamond from the National Museum of Natural History
  9. Steal the drugs from Office 39.
  10. Steal a sattelite from RAF Menwith Hill
  11. Steal gold from Fort Knox
  12. Steal aircraft from Area 51
  13. Steal keys from an active nuclear missile silo
  14. Capture the President while he is in the White House
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(Eastern) Mysticism is a fundamental part of the show: some long sunday evening thoughts

TL;DR: The Sopranos was ultimately about suffering and the search for Enlightenment.
So during my current rewatch I have been pondering about the fundmental role of mysticism, mainly Buddhism, in this thing of ours. I should say beforehand: despite the fancy title of this, I have no particular knowledge about buddhism bar the essentials (or any spiritual tradition for that matter) so I hope that people who can contribute more than I can feel encouraged to talk about it in this thread.
Also, I haven't seen season 6, where the most visible connection is, for a long time so I'm sure I have misremembered things. Nevertheless I feel like this perspective on the story and ending isn't nearly talked about enough (if at all) espcially when you consider that some of the main actors were and are buddhists. Also David Chase, altough I'm not sure if he is a buddhist, has talked in interviews about mystics and its relation to the show and the many mystical and paranormal experiences in The Sopranos shows that he is definitely open to it.
I've noticed that Eastern mysticism is a very recurrent theme in this show. There are multiple (Western) spiritual and philosohical traditions clearly visible in the story such as catholicism and existentialism, but I have always found all the references to eastern spirituality somewhat out of place for a late 90s mobster environment. From the top of my head from the first five seasons: Father Phil gives a book to Carmela about buddhism for her to read, Dr. Melfi mentions it regulary and seems quite aware of it, Richie Aprile's new perspective on life and his yoga, obviously Janice a.k.a fucking Parvati, Paulie and Sun Tazoo, Gloria was a buddhist, Tony uses multiple buddhist phrases (wrongly) from Gloria and Melfi, etc.
I think, which becomes especially clear in season 6, that the story of Tony is that of a man looking to get rid of his suffering (which is the inevitable consequence of being human according to the Buddha) by searching for lasting and real hapiness, freedom and peace (the infinte nature of Enlightenment, the 'goal' of buddhism and all mystical traditions). Apart from finding out that enlightenment is everyones true nature, by meditation and living according to its implication, most spiritual traditions usually state it is possible to get a glimpse of the infinite, or to 'see behind the veil' of the finite mind, in the living realm by near-death experiences and by the use of sacred (psychedelic) plants.
I would argue that Tony glimpses the infinite freedom and peace (Enlightenment) in season 6 on two occations, during his coma (near-death experience) and at the end of his peyote trip. In his coma dreams we see another direct reference to eastern spirituality: the buddhist monks and Tony's name, Kevin Finnity. In his dream, his subconcious is looking for Kevin Finnity, or if you remove the -Kev, in Finnity. In this scene, Tony says to the monks that he "came here [to the monks and monastry] to find Kevin Finnity." When he says how he has his wallet and his briefcase, but that he is not Him, the monks start to laugh. He is saying that he is not Infinnity, and that is funny to them, because the buddhist view is that everyones essence is that of the same and only enlightened and infinite Self. 'A man named Kevin Finnity walks into a monastry and says that he can't find Kevin Finnity' sounds like the beginning of a buddhist joke or Zen koan.
It is worth noting that after waking up from his coma, Tony feels very happy and free from his psychological burdens for a short period of time (I forgot exactly how long this was, maybe a few days or an episode?) He doesn't know why, but he seems joyful and aprreciative of the small things in life. However, the hapiness quickly slips out of his hands and the weight of his human life proves to be to much: he 'relapses' as old routines and psychological habits come back in his life and they are worse than before because of the added frustration of his unability to catch and preserve the hapiness and peace he felt in the wake of his coma. As a result, Tony is doing worse than ever.
Now to the peyote trip. Peyote has been a sacred plant since forever in shamanistic socieites and is seen as a way to communicate with God. The connection with the coma dream is established by the light of the lamp in the room where he does peyote, which is the same as the view he had in the hospital room. A bright and clear light represents in many traditions the light of the one Conciousness, or our God or Buddha-nature, or whatever words are used for THAT. Over the course of the season after the coma, we've seen Tony slowly and than quickly move away from the light. By taking Peyote, he enters back again. In the casino it is already established he ponders the nature of the Universe, by comparing the roulette table to the solar system. In the afterglow of the trip, the great scene in the dessert, he has a great insight; he GETS IT. Now we could argue what it is exactly he gets, but if the narrative I'm trying to create here holds any truth at all, it would make sense he has a revelation about the nature of himself and the universe. As you probably know, 'Ego Death' is a very common experience on psychedelics: the dissolution of seperation between subject ('me'; or Ego) and object (the 'outside' world). Everything simply 'is' and there is a true feeling of oneness with everything. Now, this experience is practically impossible to verbalise and conceptionalize to your peers; the best you could come up with is something like: ".....and the sun....... came up....." (OH YEAHH??)
No worries, I'm coming to some sort of end as I'm getting hungry, but in this season we have seen two moments where Tony found what he truly longs for the most: two 'spiritual' experience that lead him to feel happy and at peace, but that quickly deteriorates because he, nor anyone in his environment, understands them and he feels like he has no-one to talk about it. Thus, old habitual ways of thinking, feeling, perceiving and behaving come back- and of course worse than ever before.
We have seen the failed quest for enlightenment from Tony in this series. He longs, searches, finds, grasps and loses it over the course of the seasons. The only way he has been able to find it, is by diying. David Chase said the following when asked about the ending:
After a brief pause, Chase then said that he’d come across a quote from author Carlos Castaneda that came the closest to summing up everything that had been going through his head as he wrote the final sequence: “Warriors don’t venture into the unknown out of greed…to venture into that terifying loneliness of the unknown, one must have something greater than greed: love.” He then mentioned another quote from the finale that he felt was equally appropriate to the ending: Paulie Walnuts’ declaration that “even in the midst of death, we are in life. Or is that vice versa? Either way, you’re halfway up the ass.”
The cut to black is not a visualisation of death, but a representation of that what is written in the buddhist teachings as the essence of Tony, you, me and the entire universe: the Emptiness, Void, or primordal Awareness in which everything exist and ultimately out of which everything is made; including the cycles of life and death. The black screen is neither death or life: it points to that what contains both, our infinite awareness.
I've been yapping worse than six barbers here so I would be impressed if people actually read it, but wha ya gonna do huh
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Gaming in Las Vegas

Gaming in Las Vegas
A casino is generally a place of gaming for particular sorts of gambling games. Casinos can be found close to indoors, or adjacent to popular resorts, tourist hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, retail shops, and a number of other tourist attractions. Cases in Italy include the Casino di Imperia in Triompany, Italy; the Casino delle Acqui e Coin in Acqui; the Casino Perloga at Piacenza, Italy; the Casino Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Anfi; along with the Casino degli Studi in Modena, Italy. The Venetian Casino stands at Pula, Italy. In United States, Las Vegas is frequently included within this category คาสิโน.
In the USA, there are roughly 700 licensed casinos, and almost as many unlicensed ones. In total, there are about two hundred accredited casinos, compared to one hundred or so unlicensed ones. Licensed casinos are subject to all applicable laws and regulations regarding gaming and bonded and insured providers and employees. Unlicensed casinos, on the other hand, are generally not subject to applicable laws regarding gambling and might operate almost everywhere.
The very best way to get into a casino from the United States or any other nation is to go through a few of the many foreign casinos which are based here. Back in Macau alone, there are just three casinos which are completely or partially open to everybody, including visitors from the mainland United States. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, and the Monte Carlo Casino are located near the main section of Macau City. The Beach Resort Casino in Negril, Jamaica, is another casino that is open to people traveling in the USA. These casinos are fully-enclosed and equipped with all of the Most Recent gaming gear, such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Video Poker, Live Betting, Slot Machines, Roulette Tote, Wheel of Fortune, and more.
Las Vegas is home to a number of the most lavish gaming establishments on the planet. It has arguably the best set of gambling and entertainment facilities anywhere on earth. Obviously, like anywhere else, there are a number of low excellent gambling establishments too. A lot of people travel to Las Vegas in the United States do not recognize the legitimate casinos till they arrive at their hotel and begin to gamble. The ideal way to avoid being scammed is to make sure that you research any casino that you intend to visit before you leave on your trip. There are a number of good informational sites available to help you to get the info that you want.
Atlantic City is another fantastic destination for visitors looking to gamble their way to riches. The highly regarded Venetian Resort Casino is a landmark in Atlantic City. The hotel overlooks one of the most historic and beautiful squares in all of New Jersey. Another casino in Atlantic City is your Venetian Playhouse. This casino includes interactive displays, video games, roulette, slot machines, food courts, billiard tables, and much more. If you're interested in gaming, this is probably the best place in Atlantic City to see.
Several other casinos are located across the Atlantic city. In addition to the aforementioned casinos, Las Vegas Sands Corp. owns a number of places in Atlantic City. The company also owns the currently closed Harrah's Lake Bingo Casino. Along with these two possessions, the Atlantic city also has the Bellagio Hotel and the Monte Carlo Resort.
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Just finished Mafia DE...mixed feelings [SPOILERS]

So I just finished the remake and wanted to give my thoughts. I have been a huge fan of the original game for years, so was really looking forward to this remake. However overall, although I certainly enjoyed it I believe it also missed the mark in huge ways:
Anyway those are my thoughts. Am curious if anyone agrees/disagrees with me. Overall I enjoyed the remake a lot and thought it brought some interesting things to the table, but it failed to capture much of what made the original game so special and well loved despite it’s outdated gameplay/graphics.
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My RE3 Remake Treatment

Hey guys, so I wasn’t very satisfied with RE2 Remake’s treatment of the story so I decided to write my own treatment. Got it done and I was happy with it. Now I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of RE3 Remake’s treatment either but I much prefer it over RE2 Remake. I felt the plot was actually expanded upon even if little (finally explained the vaccine’s origins) as well as flesh the characters out much more than what RE2 Remake did for theirs. Overall, yes I like RE3R over RE2R even if it “cut” out more (though I believe RE2R’s cutting of B scenario is a bigger sin than any in RE3R), so sue me!
I’m not here to write a novel, just a Wikipedia/walkthrough style summary of how I would’ve done RE3R same as I did for RE2R. Here’s my treatment of RE3 Remake.
The game’s intro was alright. I’d like to expand on it by including news footage of police and UBCS forces fighting against zombies. So a bit of a mix between the classic and the new intro. Remember how they did the Birkin vs USS in RE2R by turning it into found footage instead of a flashback? I didn’t like it in RE2R but felt it would work better for this one. So found footage of police body cams, reporters’ cameras, etc. They are filming the fall of Raccoon City. Its last stand on September 28th. This intro is interspersed with scenes of Umbrella experimenting on and creating Nemesis. The intro ends with one of the police officers getting massacred and dropping dead, his body cam focused on a helmet of a deceased officer. Sort of a reference to the final and iconic/memorable shot of the original RE3’s intro with the zoom-in.
Now here’s what I didn’t like with RE3R’s prologue. Jill somehow slept through all of the chaos going on outside and it all happened instantly? Hmm… something isn’t right. Then again in RE: Outbreak, the eight protagonists were chilling in J’s Bar while there was already an army of the undead just a few blocks away but whatever.
So in my version, Jill is already aware of the chaos going on outside. My redesign of Jill is quite similar to the remake version except she doesn’t have an elbow brace and is wearing a t-shirt with a sweater wrapped around her waist. She has her belt and leg holster on, her Samurai Edge on her, and she’s ready to move. She delivers her classic speech of “this is my last escape” and prepares to leave. She gets a phone call before she leaves and answers it, hearing Brad from the other line warning her about something and telling her to meet him outside. Jill hears a loud crashing just outside and the electricity goes out in her apartment which also cuts Brad off the line. Jill exits her room and finds her neighbor feeding on someone. She raises her gun at him and he does the classic RE1 zombie turn.
Jill is forced to kill him before heading for the elevator. As she waits, she hears loud steps and breaks coming for her. She turns and the wall bursts as a large masked man enters. It goes after her and attacks her, she manages to escape it as she heads down the stairs. She sees the lower levels of the apartment has been set on fire and she keeps running as the man chases after her. She manages to evade him by jumping off a window as an explosion envelopes the area.
Jill lands albeit as safe as can be on the street just outside her apartment building. Standing up, Jill finds herself surrounded by zombies. She fights her way through the end of an alley and is cornered, forcing her to break open the door. Jill makes a run for it and enters a small warehouse before locking the door behind her. As she moves, a paranoid old man appears from behind some boxes aiming his gun at her. Jill tells him to stay calm and put the gun down, and he refuses, telling her that this is his hiding place and she should get out. Jill talks him down by telling him she’s a police officer before quickly disarming him one-handedly (reference to RE1 Remake Jill with Barry before the Lisa fight). Jill then puts the gun down and tells him they have to survive together. He tells him his name is Dario Rosso and that his wife and daughter were killed outside and he has nothing left, instead he makes a break for a container and locks himself in. Jill tries to talk him out of it but he refuses to leave and would rather starve to death than be eaten.
Jill exits through the other end of the warehouse and navigates herself through the ruins of Raccoon City. She runs into some people running away and she hears cries of death echoing throughout. Jill eventually crosses paths with Brad while he’s running away from zombies. Jill eliminates them and catches up to him. Brad warns her that something is coming after them and Jill realizes it might be the same one who attacked her in her apartment. She asks if he’s seen it too and he nods yes. They then hear a faint cry of “STARS” from the distance and Brad suddenly gets scared, telling Jill to run away as more zombies follow after them. They run inside a bar and try to shut the doors and Brad gets bitten. He stays behind as Jill is forced to leave.
Jill keeps looking for her way out of the city and spots helicopters passing by. One of them spots a light on her and calls for her to go the rooftop of a nearby parking garage. Jill heads for the parking garage and ascends the stairs. Jill gets to the roof as the chopper lands. She hears the elevator ring from behind her and wearily aims her gun at it, only to see Brad come out of the elevator. The two are briefly reunited as they both make for the chopper. Suddenly, a rocket shoots through and destroys the helicopter. Jill and Brad turn to see the large man from behind them armed with a bazooka. It makes a huge leap and lands in front of them. The man shoves them both to the ground and aims the bazooka at them. Jill aims and shoots just in time to blow up the bazooka, setting the man on fire and burns off his mask, revealing his monstrous face. Surviving the explosion, the man keeps walking towards them. Jill gasps when she realizes this now unmasked creature is a B.O.W.
Jill gets up to shoot at the monster until she runs out of ammo. Cornered, Jill has nowhere to go and Brad sacrifices himself by pushing her out of the way as he himself is grabbed by the man. He lifts him by his head and he starts violently shaking as Jill helplessly watches. A tentacle bursts through and impales Brad’s head as he convulses in shock and terror. Jill reloads and faces the creature. Nemesis turns towards Jill and she is forced to fight him. Using the environment around her, Jill manages to subdue the creature. Believing it to be a tyrant, Jill leaves in case it gets up again.
Scouring the city once more, Jill finds a cop car with a radio attached. She enters and uses it to get in contact with Raccoon City Police Department, asking if there are survivors. She hears Marvin on the other end, and learns that the RPD has created a safe haven for survivors. Jill gets ready to head there. On her way to the RPD, Jill hears gunshots and follows them, hoping for more survivors. She encounters a handsome mercenary finishing off a small group of zombies. She compliments his work and he introduces himself as Carlos.
My version of Carlos would be a mix between remake and original, he has the boyish looks and accent of the original but the build and hair of the remake version.
Carlos flirts with Jill, telling her she’s the very first cute “chica” he ran into that’s not dead. She notes that he doesn’t look like an officer nor a member of the National Guard. He tells her he’s a contracted mercenary, part of a paramilitary unit sent in to rescue civilians. Jill tells him that the RPD has several civilians in need of help. Carlos volunteers to escort her there. Together, they journey through Raccoon and eventually reach the RPD’s front gates.
Before they enter, Jill notices the Umbrella logo on Carlos’s sleeve. Realizing he’s working for Umbrella, she starts an argument, questioning his intentions. Carlos doesn’t know what she’s talking about and that all he’s there for is to truly help civilians. Zombies begin showing up and Carlos asks if they can continue this conversation later and enter through the front gates, locking it behind them.
Jill and Carlos meet with Marvin, who’s holed up with 20 other survivors in the main hall. The East Wing of the RPD has been overrun and thus was locked down and quarantined. Carlos asks if there’s a radio he can use to contact his unit (he lost his radio) and Jill suggests the STARS office. Jill asks if the STARS office is safe to go to. Marvin tells her to go for it if she needs something from there.
Both Jill and Carlos make their way to the STARS office via West Wing and Jill finds her lockpick. She grabs more gear to put on (torso holster). Carlos contacts his unit and learns the comm systems are down (a possible sabotage by Irons). Jill asks Carlos if genuinely believes he’s helping the people and he tells her she doesn’t have to trust him if she doesn’t want to. Realizing there’s no way to get in contact, the duo decide to return to the main hall. They hear a crash from somewhere nearby. Upon investigating, both are horrified to see that Nemesis is still alive and has crashed through the West Wing, allowing zombies to enter and invade the station. Many of the survivors are killed and Marvin is bit during the struggle. Jill is horrified to realize that Nemesis was tracking her and followed her to the RPD. A remorseful Jill and Carlos lure Nemesis away from the station as she bids goodbye to Marvin, apologizing for letting this happen.
The two manage to evade Nemesis out in the streets when they hide inside a restaurant. Carlos asked what the hell was thing and Jill quips that it’s a co-worker of his, a creation of Umbrella. Carlos is shocked by this. He then tells Jill that his team made a small shelter in the train station, and that they should head there. Just then, Nemesis discovers them. Jill forces Carlos to leave her as she promises to meet him at the train station. Jill proceeds to lead Nemesis away as she heads for the sewers.
In the sewers, she manages to evade him by crawling under a vent. Jill encounters Hunter Gammas in the sewers before finding her way into the train station. She follows through and makes it the outdoor train station where the UBCS unit is stationed. Jill runs to meet Carlos and the rest of the team: Nikolai, Tyrell, Murphy, and squad leader Mikhail. Nikolai is hesitant to let Jill in but Mikhail overrules him, revealing he knows of Jill and her identity, and that she could be of great help to them. Carlos reveals they have trouble getting the train back in order as the power is down. Jill knows where the power plant is to bring that part of the city’s power back in working order. Mikhail sends the team in separate units to run other errands while Jill volunteers to go to the power plant, with Mikhail thanking her and Carlos wishing her luck. Jill tells them she’s not doing this for them but for the civilians they have rescued. Carlos hands her a radio to stay in contact. Before Jill leaves, she overhears Mikhail talk to Carlos and Tyrell about a Doctor Bard.
Jill makes her way back to the city, with Nemesis secretly in pursuit and ambushing her at any opportunity. Jill has to go through an abandoned factory, a casino, and the park to get to the power plant. She also requires sets of items to progress and has to search around the city, making it even more difficult since Nemesis is in stalker mode and can pop out anytime.
Jill goes through an autoshop where she hears cries for help. She witnesses Murphy being confronted by Nikolai. Murphy calls for her and Nikolai promptly shoots him in the head and the shocked Jill asks him why he would do that. Nikolai tells her that he suspected Murphy was bit and therefore infected. Jill asks him if he’s sure and Nikolai invites her to check on Murphy’s corpse, and she declines. Nikolai lets her know that he still does not trust her and will keep his eye on her to make sure she doesn’t ruin things for them. Jill questions why he’s so hostile with her even though she’s already helping and Nikolai briefly hints at her involvement in the mansion incident, causing Jill to wonder how he knows of such information. Considering Irons did everything to bury the story.
Nikolai advises her to walk away before she gets hurt, which she takes as a threat. He then leaves the autoshop and Jill collects the parts she requires to progress. Jill soon passes by outside the park where she meets with Carlos and Tyrell, asking them what they’re doing there. The gate to the park is locked and Carlos volunteers to scout the area and clear it. He climbs over the fence and investigates the park upon learning the gate is electronically locked. Jill thinks he’s doing it to impress her and Tyrell backs her on that. Carlos winks at her and she tells him good luck. He says he promises to not leave her in a cold, cruel, Carlos-less world.
Carlos searches around and encounters multiple infected. He radios Jill and Tyrell while he searches around and looks for the generator to turn on the power and unlock the electronic gate. He cannot enter through the south exit as it is locked with a simple lock. As Carlos investigates further in the cemetery, an earthquake occurs and the ground burrows from beneath him. He falls and witnesses a gigantic worm-like monster emerge. The Gravedigger begins to chase Carlos and he manages to climb out the tunnel. The Gravedigger hunts for Carlos while he sees the fountain break and pour water into the tunnel. Realizing he could use this to his advantage, he breaks some wires and tosses them into the water. This sequence is similar to the Iluzija boss fight (invisible snake) in RE6. Carlos then turns on generators one by one while evading the Gravedigger and its spawn. Eventually, he manages to lure Gravedigger into the puddle and turns on the last generator, electrocuting Gravedigger. Thinking its dead, Carlos checks on it, only for it to rise one more time. Carlos throws a grenade in its mouth and destroys it from the inside. With the power back on, Carlos releases the lock on the gate and lets Jill and Tyrell in. They see the large worm and congratulate Carlos on its kill. Carlos and Tyrell reluctantly leave Jill on their quest as they head out on their own mission while she continues hers, using the lockpick to go through the park’s south exit.
Jill finds her way to the STAGLA gas station as the way forward is blocked and the only way is through the garage. She enters and Nikolai appears to be already there. Still distrustful of one another, they briefly form a truce to investigate the area. Zombies begin to ambush the gas station. Jill and Nikolai join forces and fight through. They are able to go through the garage and Nikolai lifts the shutter for Jill to squeeze through. Nikolai tells her to run for it and a spontaneous spark ignites a fire. Jill is forced to leave Nikolai and she runs for her life as STAGLA gas station explodes, seemingly killing Nikolai. Jill sadly bids him farewell, admitting she was wrong about him. She radios Carlos, telling him Nikolai is dead, much to his dismay. Nemesis appears again to stalk Jill, forcing her to hurry.
Jill makes it to the power plant where she loses Nemesis, and the plant is now infested with a gigantic Drain Deimos nest. She powers through and manages to turn the generators on. In my version, it’s going to be more intense and less annoying. No impregnating or deep-throating, just latching on to Jill and attempting to suck her brain out and she has to push them off like she would any other zombie.
Jill turns on the power to the substation and is ambushed by Nemesis just outside the plant, now armed with a minigun. This is basically the rocket launcher sequence from the remake but this time it’s with a minigun. Jill tries her best to escape and goes through a building while Nemesis shoots after her, imitating the intro to CODE Veronica. Jill runs as fast as she can to escape Nemesis’s clutches and she heads for an office building, jumping into a trash chute to get away from Nemesis as he runs out of ammo. Jill makes it out of the office basement/parking garage and she gets on a car. She drives it out of the garage where she finds Carlos alone outside, having followed her and separated from Tyrell.
Carlos enters the vehicle and together they drive away with Nemesis in pursuit. They are both stunned to see that Nemesis is quite fast and is able to latch on the car with his tentacle. Jill manages to put enough power to pull the car away from Nemesis, and she crashes into a street lamp while Nemesis is pulled and falls flat on his face. Carlos, seeing no other way to escape, gets out of the car and instructs Jill to do the same. Jill spots Nemesis about to get up. She locks the door to prevent Carlos from getting back on and utters “It’s my turn, bitch” as she plows the car and rams Nemesis into a wall. Nemesis is pinned between the car and wall and he reaches into the car, using a tentacle to briefly stab Jill in the arm. Carlos uses his rifle to shoot Nemesis, causing him to let go of Jill.
Injured but still alive, Jill manages to climb out the car and walk away from Nemesis as he tries to push the car off him. She sees that fuel is leaking out of the car. Carlos asks her what are they supposed to do now. Jill asks if he has a lighter and he gives it to her, she lights it and throws it at Nemesis, setting the fuel on fire and exploding the car, seemingly killing Nemesis. Carlos jokes that it was his “grandfather’s lighter that he kept as a remembrance of him.” Jill laughs with him, relieved that the monster is destroyed, before she begins wincing in pain. She realizes Nemesis’s tentacle injected a toxin in her and she is now infected. Jill begins to collapse as her infection takes hold of her, with Carlos holding her in his arms and telling her to stay with him. Carlos remembers Doctor Bard and how he may be able to help her. He carries Jill and radios Tyrell to meet him at the hospital.
Carlos brings Jill to the hospital where he places her in a safe and contained treatment room. Jill awakes and tells Carlos that she can’t feel anything. He tells her that’s a good thing but Jill tells him that she can’t feel *anything* and what would happen to her if she doesn’t feel human. She begs him, if it comes to it, he must kill her. Carlos can’t bring himself to and promises to make her better. Jill slips back into unconsciousness.
Carlos scours the hospital. This part is still very similar to the hospital section in the actual remake so I would change very little about this. So the Hunter Betas still stay the same. Maybe make it a much bigger and expanded hospital with more enemies. Carlos eventually finds Dr. Bard but he’s already dead. He sees recorded footage of Dr. Bard confessing all of what he knows about Umbrella, thus Carlos realizes Jill was telling the truth. He’s been duped by his own employers. Tyrell appears, paranoid and aiming a gun at Carlos. Carlos questions him and Tyrell asks if Carlos is the traitor, to which Carlos has no idea of what he’s talking about. Tyrell tells Carlos that the vaccine is worth a lot of money and they’ve been backstabbing each other for it, to which Carlos still has no idea. Tyrell goes for the container and opens it, only to realize too late it was booby trapped. A grenade explodes and kills Tyrell as Carlos jumps for safety. Carlos realizes the original vaccine has been stolen and he has to make a new one himself as per instructions in Bard’s research documents. Carlos uses what he can of the hospital and Bard’s resources to formulate his own vaccine. With the vaccine, Carlos makes his way back to Jill. He injects Jill with it, hoping she would get better. While waiting, he falls asleep.
Jill eventually awakens and sees Carlos asleep. She wakes him up and he becomes cheerful she’s still alive. She thanks him, and apologizes for being a bitch to him earlier. However, both realize much time has passed and it’s already near midnight of September 30th. They see the news and learn that the United States government made the decision to nuke Raccoon City by sunrise on October 1st. Jill and Carlos then get out of the hospital to head back to the train station. Carlos radios Mikhail, only to hear static with short cuts of screaming from the radio. Both Jill and Carlos are getting incredibly worried.
The two make their way back to the train station and find it in ruins. Dead bodies everywhere and all the civilians and the rest of the UBCS squad are dead. They hear gunshots and run for it, seeing Mikhail fight against zombies and throws a grenade at them to blow them up. Carlos and Jill run for Mikhail and help him back up. Carlos asks what happened and Mikhail tells him they’ve been set up. Someone betrayed them and turned everyone into guinea pigs. The mission was already a failure from the minute they landed. Carlos then realizes it was Nikolai who set them up which surprised Jill as she thought he was dead.
Mikhail reveals that Nikolai was the traitor and it is shown in flashbacks what Nikolai has done. And thus Nikolai was the one who set the base up to be ambushed by zombies, Mikhail is the only survivor. Jill and Carlos help Mikhail up and to the train, as it is in working order now. There is a National Guard post set up by the Saint Michael’s Clocktower and they should get there. They board the train and start it.
As the train goes on, Mikhail rests in the back car while Jill and Carlos commandeer the train. They then talk about how they’re going to escape once they make it to the Clocktower. The train suddenly shakes and they hear Mikhail screaming. Jill turns to investigate and finds Nemesis still alive and aboard the train. Nemesis has now mutated into his shirtless 2nd form from the original. Both Jill and Mikhail try to take him on but Mikhail stops Jill and tells her they should get to the front car. Jill moves to the front car but Mikhail locks the door from behind her. Jill turns and begs Mikhail to come with them, but Mikhail stays behind to sacrifice himself and give the two more time to escape. Mikhail confronts Nemesis and Nemesis shoves him away. Before Nemesis can kill Mikhail, he activates a grenade and blows himself and Nemesis up. Nemesis is thrown from the train and back out on the street. The train becomes unstable and both Jill and Carlos realize they can’t stay. The train begins to decouple on the bridge and the duo open the doors of the train. Jill and Carlos agree to jump out together and into the river below. Jill is able to jump but the force of the train knocks Carlos back as it crashes.
Jill lands in the water and screams for Carlos as the train crashes. Believing Carlos to be dead, Jill sadly goes on her own way. She swims to the docks and finds herself at the waste disposal treatment facility, or Dead Factory for short. She goes through there while encountering BOWs of any kind. She also learns that Nemesis is inside, hunting for her. It becomes a cat and mouse game inside the dead factory until Jill required a key card to escape. She runs into Nikolai, who ambushes her and fights her. He tells her she’s a tough cookie but her time is up. Jill asks him if it was worth the lives of all those people he got killed. Nikolai snidely comments that there is a price tag for everything, even a person’s life. To him, he does not care and he’s still going to get rich from this. He reveals to Jill he has the stolen vaccine, and intends to sell it to the highest bidder. Jill tells him the world needs the vaccine for good. While both of them have their guns at each other, Nemesis bursts through the wall in-between and separates them. Nikolai leaves Jill to be distracted by Nemesis as he makes his escape.
Jill is cornered by Nemesis in an arena-like area, filled with acid tanks and bodies of deceased and disposed Tyrants. With no choice but to confront him, Jill calls him an ugly motherfucker and it’s time for him to let go. Using the acid tanks to her advantage, Jill manages to subdue and take down Nemesis once again. Nemesis is defeated and partially melted down by the acid. Jill takes the key card from a dead employee and makes it out. Unbeknownst to Jill, Nemesis survived and begins feeding on dead Tyrants in the area to recuperate.
Jill finally makes it out of the Dead Factory and begins heading for the Clocktower. Upon arrival, Jill finds the gate to the courtyard closed and the area empty. Wondering what happened to the army stationed there, Jill assumes they too have been taken over. Jill is forced to enter the Clocktower through the back in order to find a way to open the gate. So basically the Clocktower sequence from the original but instead of ringing the bell, it’s to open the gate, so puzzles galore!
Jill goes through the mansion-like area. She is ambushed by zombies inside and when cornered, suddenly someone begins shooting them down. Jill turns and is happy to see that Carlos has survived and has come to her rescue. They run to each other and he caresses her cheek, telling her he promised to not leave her in a Carlos-less world. She smiles and embraces him, and the two agree to work together and split up to find a way to open the gate. Jill manages to finally open her part of the gate but is ambushed by a heavily mutated Nemesis, now in his 3rd form (2nd form in the remake but a little smaller). Horrified, Jill attempts to escape Nemesis and Carlos appears just in time with a grenade launcher to blast the ceiling. This causes a cave-in and crushes Nemesis underneath all the debris.
Jill and Carlos get out to the courtyard and find Nikolai. Nikolai tells them about the helicopter just by the courtyard. He offers to give them a split of the profits if they fight Nemesis and allow him to record the combat data. They refuse and tell him that the world needs the vaccine. Nikolai dangles it out and threatens to drop it if they don’t comply. The rubble begins to vibrate as Nemesis starts to break free. Nikolai uses this opportunity to retreat and both Carlos and Jill are left to deal with Nemesis, who has grown bigger and stronger. Carlos finds a large rail gun established by the National Guard. The two realize they can use that to their advantage and Jill sends Carlos to operate it while she deals with Nemesis. Suddenly, an alert sends out a siren warning that the nuke has been launched and the missile is approaching the city in T-minus 10 minutes.
Carlos goes to use the rail gun and Jill lures Nemesis into its path. Nemesis is knocked on its back by the cannon, which misfires and causes three power plugs to unplug. Carlos can’t operate it if those aren’t plugged in. Jill then fights Nemesis while plugging those back in at the same time. With those finally back in place, Carlos begins a countdown as to when Jill can trick Nemesis into facing the rail gun. After an intense and lengthy battle, Jill lures Nemesis into the path of the rail gun and the overcharged cannon unleashes all its energy into Nemesis, obliterating the creature. Jill and Carlos are relieved and are about to walk away when what’s left of Nemesis (the parasite, similar to how the final form look in the original but smaller) rises and tries to kill them. Jill tells Carlos to go deal with Nikolai while she deals with this herself. Carlos leaves, knowing she’ll be okay, and Jill faces this dying creature one last time. Jill finds a dead soldier’s magnum and unloads all of it into Nemesis, telling him if he wants STARS, she’ll give him stars. The final shot explodes the parasite’s head, thus killing it for good.
Jill follows after Carlos and makes it to the helicopter, only to find Carlos unconscious. Nikolai ambushes her and aims a gun at her. He throws the vaccine at her and shoots it, destroying it much to her anger. The pissed off Jill tells him he’ll regret that. Nikolai laughs, telling her she should have accepted his offer when she had the chance. Carlos rises and fights Nikolai. Both Jill and Carlos tag team Nikolai, who was still capable of taking them both. He manages to overpower them and knocks Jill back and takes a knife against Carlos’s neck. Jill aims her gun at Nikolai. Nikolai is also aiming a gun at her, threatening that she can’t shoot him fast enough to save Carlos. Carlos tells her to take the shot and don’t worry about him, to save herself. Jill pretends to surrender and drops the gun. Jill quickly drops to the ground to catch it and shoots Nikolai in the chest (another reference to CODE Veronica). Zombies hear the gunshot and start making their way for it.
Nikolai drops to the floor and both Jill and Carlos watch him as he pathetically begs for his life, even offering to give her information on Umbrella. Jill tells him he’s not worthy to come alive with them and that she can do her own detective work. Both Jill and Carlos take the helicopter and leave Nikolai to die as zombies begin to circle him.
Jill and Carlos fly out of Raccoon City as daylight approaches. Both witness as the nuke passes by and heads for the city. They watch the nuke detonate, destroying Raccoon City. So pretty much the same exact ending as the original except this time I would have liked to add close-up shots of the city and its iconic locations blowing up. You know, just like the original? I will also get rid of the post-credits since that has like almost nothing to do with the plot anyway. I’ll keep Jill’s end speech the same as the remake’s with the human greed and all for the woke points lol
Anywho, all done. I hope you guys enjoyed it as well as I did writing it out. So I pretty much just took the basics of the original and remake, mashed them together, and made my own version! Thank you for reading and have a great day :D
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Hero Concept - Rose

Hero Concept - Rose
Hey guys. I've decided it's time to do something with my ideas and upload them somewhere.
This hero is based on Rose Hero Concept by Valeriy Vegera, CD Project Red's Concept and Illustration artist. Here's link: think it could be created before the game premiere.
It have some flawes for me, as this concept doesn't tell immediately it was created for Overwatch, so it is only for reference to my actual concept.
Name: Rosana Fiorenza Alassio Age: 31 Nationality: Italian Occupation: Bodyguard, ex-pilot Base: Monte Carlo, Monaco Role: Tank
Short Story: Rosana Fiorenza Alassio was Blackwatch pilot, working under nickname 'Fio'. After disbanding of Overwatch, she came back to Italy. Years later she was attacked by Reaper (who was killing ex-Overwatch members) but successfully ran away. Later she found a job as bodyguard in Monte Carlo Casino. Maximillien, her boss valued her and after seeing her combat skills with heavy weapons choosed her as personal private escorte. He liked to name her 'Rose'. She saw Reaper few years later close to her boss and tried to attack him but was heavily wounded. Max couldn't accept that his best bodyguard was dying and with Talon's resources decided to cybernetize her and delete parts of her memories. Now, 'Rose' is devoted soldier in Monte Carlo and fight in disguise or Talon's field missions, without knowledge of attack and work for Overwatch.
Stats: 250 HP, 150 Shields (Her stats are justificated by her passive and small size - slightly similar to Zaria's)
Her kit is based around being mobile secondary shield tank. I know there's too much shields in meta but this concept isn't new (I got it before Sigma was added to the game - Ooow, it's been a year now. Time is very fast). I've tried to shape her in a way she would be an option for dive as her main focus would be dislocation enemies and being constantly in movement.
Passive - Self-protection Battle Matrix Rose's shields work differently than others. It work like both armor (weaker) and shields. It blocks 3 DMG per hit, reduces DMG of beams by 12% and starts to regenerate after 3 seconds without taking DMG. It have pink color.(For reference, armor blocks 5 DMG and reduces by 20%.)
Space - Volcano Jetpacks (Cooldown: 2 seconds) While airborne (even after jump), Rose can cleanse herself from slows and knockback's effects and gets 220% horizontal movement speed increase for 2 seconds or until touching wall or ground. Cooldown starts after effect expires.
LPM - Volcano Energy-Gunsword Attacks in melee (slash) with Gunsword, dealing 65 DMG for enemies in 4 meter range. Ignores Armor damage reduction. Recovery time: 0,85 seconds.(For reference, Rein's melee deals 75 DMG in 5 meter range with recovery of 0,95 seconds and knockbacks enemies.)
PPM - Energy Bolt Generates energy bolt in Gunsword for up to 1,25 seconds (fully charged in 0,95 seconds, need to be charged at least 0,1 seconds). Energy bolt is arcing projectile with medium hitbox. It deals 14-140 DMG, shreds through barriers and enemies, reducing it's damage by 50% for each enemy and moves 20 m/s. Cannot headshot. Barriers always take full damage of bolt.(To clarify, if first target takes 140 DMG, second enemy will take 70, third 35, fourth 17. If first target takes 140 DMG, second 75, then is barrier taking 140 DMG and third enemy takes 17.)
LShift - Out of MY Way! (Cooldown: 12 seconds) After 0,65 seconds, Rose flies forward (can be used to move vertically) for 20 meters (moving 50 m/s - yes, i know how fast it is, she blinks creating pink trail). If there's enemy, she pick first one, deals 25 DMG and release enemy at the end of flight range, knockbacking him for 4m.(To clarify, it works similarly to LShift of Genji).
E - Link Barriers (Cooldown: 6 seconds after destruction) Creates small/medium barrier with trapezoid shape (longest edge is higher one) that have 800 HP. It is placed in air, 2,5 meters from Rose and can be placed in different angles (like Sigma's Barrier). Rose can create Second barrier using same key. Both of them have shared durability. Using Interaction Key (F) dismiss barrier or if there are two, older one. Durability of Barrier is regenerated when both barriers aren't in use (100 per second). Destroying one barrier disactivates second.
Q - Volcano Overload (Cost: 2100) Jumps and after that slams the ground beneath launching energy pulse to the ground (It works similarly to DF's E - you move slightly forward and can move camera in any horizontal direction - starts with high jump). Ground starts to create geysers of pure energy in line (there's 15 of them, each with 2 meters radius, centers of them are 6 meters from adjacent two) and each of them creates shockwave (10 meter radius). Each geyser deals 100 DMG, and each shockwave 50 DMG (deals DMG also to those in geysers). After getting hit by Shockwave, every another deals only 10 DMG. Geysers appears in chain effect. Enemies are slowed by 20-80% for 2 seconds based on how far they were from they geysers.
This concept is very complex, but in future I will try to post shorter descriptions.
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The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META | Year #19-#20: 2010-2011

Hello Jamiroquai!
This is the thirteenth META post for a new expansive series I have been wanting to do for some time for the subreddit, "The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META'! This information will be eventually added to the Jamiroquai WIKI Page in it's entirety in the future but for the time being, it will be a recurring post series.
All of this information is being imparted to us from the Funkin Site fansite, massive thanks to my pal David Rowe for collecting all this important tour information during the nearly past +30 years of the band history, I hope everyone in the Reddit Jamily enjoys this & MUCH MORE TO COME! Cheers Reddit Jamily!


The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META | Year #19-#20: 2010-2011:


Date Of Gig Country Concert & Additional Info
24 Jun 10 (Thu) UK, London, Debut London Performed: Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Light Years, Virtual Insanity, Too Young To Die, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, Corner Of The Earth, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Just Another Story, Deeper Underground. Exclusive 'warm-up' gig two days prior to the band supporting Stevie Wonder at the Hard Rock Calling event in London's Hyde Park.
26 Jun 10 (Sat) UK, London, Hyde Park, Hard Rock Calling Performed: Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Too Young To Die, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground. Jamiroquai are one of the support acts for Stevie Wonder, who headlines the second day of this three day festival in central London.
02 Jul 10 (Fri) France, Arras, Main Square Festival Performed: Revolution 1993, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Light Years, Cosmic Girl, Black Capricorn Day, Little L, Alright, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground
11 Jul 10 (Sun) Hungary, Zamardi, Balaton Sound Festival Performed: Revolution 1993, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, Corner Of The Earth, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
14 Jul 10 (Wed) Switzerland, Locarno, Moon and Stars Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Blow Your Mind, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
16 Jul 10 (Fri) Italy, Naples, Neapolis Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Blow Your Mind, When You Gonna Learn, Hooked Up, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Canned Heat, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground
18 Jul 10 (Sun) France, Carhaix, Festival des Vieilles Charrues Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Black Capricorn Day, When You Gonna Learn, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
19 Jul 10 (Mon) France, Carcassonne, Grand Theatre Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
21 Jul 10 (Wed) France, Nimes, Nimes Arena Performed: Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Light Years, Little L, Cosmic Girl, Alright, Virtual Insanity, Rock Dust Light Star, Too Young To Die, Space Cowboy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
23 Jul 10 (Fri) Switzerland, Paleo Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Just Another Story, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
24 Jul 10 (Sat) Austria, Vienna, Nova Jazz Festival No Info
26 Jul 10 (Mon) Monaco, Monte Carlo, Sporting Club Performed: Blow Your Mind, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Black Capricorn Day, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
27 Jul 10 (Tue) Monaco, Monte Carlo, Sporting Club Performed: You Give Me Something, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up/Just Another Story, When You Gonna Learn, Black Capricorn Day, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground. This is the second of two gigs at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club.
29 Jul 10 (Thu) Belgium, Tienen, Suikerrock Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, You Give Me Something, Little L, Alright, Black Capricorn Day, When You Gonna Learn, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
06 Aug 10 (Fri) Portugal, Sudoeste Festival No Info
09 Sep 10 (Thu) UK, London (Knightsbridge), Mandarin Oriental Hotel Performed: Love Foolosophy, Smokin Mirrors, LifeLine, Hurtin, Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies, White Knuckle Ride. Exclusive press/record-company 'showcase' gig to promote the album Rock Dust Light Star.
28 Sep 10 (Tue) UK, London, BBC Television Studios, Later with Jools Holland (tv) (broadcast date) Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies, Deeper Underground
09 Oct 10 (Sat) Colombia, Bogota, Nem Catacoa Festival No Info
12 Oct 10 (Tue) Brazil, Programa do Jo (tv) (broadcast date) Performed: White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy. Paul Turner did not perform with the band for this television appearance. His place was taken by Dale Davis.
16 Oct 10 (Sat) Brazil, Sao Paulo, Natura Nos Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Black Capricorn Day, When You Gonna Learn, Cosmic Girl, Blue Skies, Love Foolosophy, Rock Dust Light Star (second version), Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
20 Oct 10 (Wed) UK, London (Kentish Town), Forum Performed: Revolution, High Times, Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Alright, Corner of the Earth, White Knuckle Ride, Black Capricorn Day, Cosmic Girl, Blue Skies, Love Foolosophy, Hurtin', Canned Heat, Deeper Underground. This concert is one of a series of concerts as part of the 'Q Awards 2010.'
22 Oct 10 (Fri) Switzerland, Basel, Festival Hall, AVO Session Basel Performed: Revolution, Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Alright, Cosmic Girl, Black Capricorn Day, Blue Skies, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat
28 Oct 10 (Thu) Netherlands, Amsterdam, De Wereld Draait Door (tv) Performed: Blue Skies (acoustic)
29 Oct 10 (Fri) Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso Performed: Revolution, High Times, Little L, Alright (slow version), Hurting, Smoke and Mirrors, Black Capricorn Day, Rock Dust Light Star (acoustic), All Good In The Hood, Love Foolosophy, Cosmic Girl, Deeper Underground
31 Oct 10 (Sun) UK, London (Wembley), The Fountain Studios, The X Factor (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride. After performing Jay said he had 'reservations before appearing on the show' - and I'm sure the female judges did too after reading the 'quotes' that were printed from Jay in the Sun newspaper (UK) the previous day!
02 Nov 10 (Tue) Italy, The X Factor (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride
04 Nov 10 (Thu) UK, London, AIR Studios, BBC Radio 2 In Concert Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, High Times, Smoke & Mirrors, Little L, Alright, All Good In The Hood, Love Foolosophy, She's A Fast Persuader, Blue Skies, Deeper Underground. 100 pairs of free tickets to this concert were given away by BBC Radio Two (UK). Concert broadcast on BBC Radio Two.
05 Nov 10 (Fri) UK, London (Camden Town), Jazz Cafe Performed: Revolution, High Times, Smoke and Mirrors, Hurtin', All Good In The Hood, Little L, Alright, Love Foolosophy, She's A Fast Persuader, Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies, White Knuckle Ride, Cosmic Girl, Deeper Underground. This gig was for winners of a competition organised by HMV.
09 Nov 10 (Tue) Switzerland, Zurich, Kaufleuten Tickets can be won via the website. This is a small 'showcase' gig.
15 Nov 10 (Mon) France,Paris, L'Arc Performed: Rock Light Dust Star, Smoke & Mirrors, All Good In The Hood, Hurtin', She's A Fast Persuader, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground. This is a private album launch gig promoted by Virgin Radio in France.
15 Nov 10 (Mon) France, Paris, Grand Journal de Canal+ (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy, Rock Dust Light Star
20 Nov 10 (Sat) Australia, Sydney (Point Piper), Take 40 Australia Party Performed: Hurtin', Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, She's A Fast Persuader, Alright, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground. An exclusive mansion house was rented in Point Piper to host the Take 40 Australia/Singstar party. The band performed outside in the garden on a stage built on top of a swimming pool!
21 Nov 10 (Sun) Australia, Sydney, The X Factor (tv) Performed: Canned Heat. The band performed Canned Heat and Jay sung alongside X-Factor finalist Sally Chatfield.
22 Nov 10 (Mon) Australia, Sydney, The X Factor (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride
24 Nov 10 (Wed) Japan, Tokyo, Refreshing (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride
24 Nov 10 (Wed) Japan, Tokyo (Shinjuku) Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, White Knuckle Ride. The band performed a short set on a stage set up outside on the streets of Tokyo for the launch of the Azul by Moussy store in Shinjuku. This performance was not officially announced or confirmed, but word spread round and the streets were full of people. Shortly before the band came on stage guitarist Rob Harris tweeted 'About to perform I Shinjuku. Closing down a street, pandemonium.'
28 Nov 10 (Sun) Germany, Stuttgart, Zapata Performed: Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Smokin Mirrors, Alright, All Good In The Hood, Hurtin', Lifeline, She's A Fast Persuader, Blue Skies, White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground
11 Dec 10 (Sat) Norway, Oslo, Spektrum Arena, Nobel Peace Prize Concert Performed: Canned Heat, Lifeline, Virtual Insanity. Following the concert the band performed an impromptu two hour gig at the hotel they were staying at!


Date Of Gig Country Concert & Additional Info
21 Jan 11 (Fri) UK, London, Alan Carr Show (tv) (recording date) Performed: Lifeline. The show was broadcast on UK television three days after filming.
28 Jan 11 (Fri) UK, The Sun Sessions (recording date) Recording of a live 'session' for The Sun newspaper website.
30 Jan 11 (Sun) UK, London, Comedy Rocks (recording date) Performed: Lifeline, All Good In The Hood, (and a few little snippets of songs to introduce acts and go in/out of commercial breaks). Jamiroquai are the 'house band' on this ITV comedy television show. The show was recorded on 30 January.
07 Feb 11 (Mon) France, Paris, Taratata (tv) (recording date) Performed: Deeper Underground, Rock Dust Light Star, California Soul (by Marlena Shaw), White Knuckle Ride
07 Mar 11 (Mon) France, Paris, L'Olympia The band performed a set lasting around 45 minutes at a private show as part of a 15 year celebration of fashion label Paul & Joe during Paris Fashion Week.
18 Mar 11 (Fri) Switzerland, Zurich, Hallenstadion Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, Use The Force, Hang It Over, When You Gonna Learn, Blue Skies, Virtual Insanity, Smoke n Mirrors, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, Hey Floyd, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Feels Just Like It Should
21 Mar 11 (Mon) Germany, Hamburg, O2 World Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vain, Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, Use The Force, Hang It Over, When You Gonna Learn, Angeline, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, Hey Floyd, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Feels Just Like It Should
23 Mar 11 (Wed) France, Paris, Bercy Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, Use the Force, Hang it Over, You Give Me Something, She's a Fast Persuader, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, (Scam Break), All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Feels Just Like It Should
24 Mar 11 (Thu) France, CANCELLED: Lyon, Halle Toni Garnier On the afternoon of the concert the following message was posted at the Jamiroquai facebook page: Due to a tragic accident at the Halle Toni Garnier Arena, the gig at Lyon on 24th March (tonight) is regrettably cancelled. The band were shocked and saddened when told the news, and out of respect immediately felt the right decision was to cancel the show. A police investigation is taking place which would also have prevented the show from happening. We know how disappointed fans will feel, but can only say at this point, the gig will be re-arranged and we will have news of the revised date as soon as possible.
26 Mar 11 (Sat) Germany, Munich, Olympiahalle Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, Use The Force, You Give Me Something, Hurtin', Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
28 Mar 11 (Mon) Austria, Vienna, Stadthalle No Info
30 Mar 11 (Wed) Italy, Milan, Forum Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke and Mirrors, Use the Force, You Give Me Something, Hurtin, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, When You Gonna Learn
31 Mar 11 (Thu) Italy, Mantua, Palabam Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, Use the Force, ‎You Give Me Something, Hurtin', Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Use the Force, All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knucle Ride
02 Apr 11 (Sat) Italy, Turin, Pala Olympico Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, Use The Force, You Give Me Something, Space Cowboy, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
03 Apr 11 (Sun) Italy, Florence, Mandela Forum Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirror, Use the Force, You Give Me Something, Hurtin', She's a Fast Persuader, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, ‎Travelling Without Moving, All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
05 Apr 11 (Tue) Luxembourg, Rockhal Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, You Give Me Something, Hurtin', Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Space cowboy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, All Good In The Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
06 Apr 11 (Wed) Germany, Stuttgart, Porsche Arena No Info
08 Apr 11 (Fri) Germany, Berlin, O2 World No Info
10 Apr 11 (Sun) Belgium, Brussels, Vorst Nationaal No Info
12 Apr 11 (Tue) Germany, CANCELLED: Oberhausen, Konig Pilsener Arena On the day of the concert posted the following message "Unfortunately owing to illness tonights Jamiroquai concert in Oberhausen has had to be cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will advise of the rescheduled date for the concert as soon as we can."
13 Apr 11 (Wed) Netherlands, Rotterdam, Ahoy Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, You Give Me Something, Hurtin', Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, All Good In The Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
15 Apr 11 (Fri) UK, London (Greenwich), O2 Arena No Info
17 Apr 11 (Sun) UK, Birmingham, LG Arena No Info
19 Apr 11 (Tue) UK, Manchester, MEN Arena No Info
20 Apr 11 (Wed) UK, Glasgow, Glasgow SECC No Info
29 Apr 11 (Fri) Chile, Santiago, Movistar Arena No Info
18 May 11 (Wed) France, Cannes, Hotel Martinez Private gig during the Cannes Film Festival organised by clothing label Replay.
20 May 11 (Fri) Argentina, Buenos Aires, Quilmes Rock Festival Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, You Give Me Something, Lifeline, Little L, Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Corner Of The Earth, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
31 May 11 (Tue) France, Paris, Casino de Paris Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Canned Heat, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam Intro, All Good In The Hood, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride, Cosmic Girl. Private concert organised by Pression Live.
08 Jun 11 (Wed) Estonia, Tallin, Saku Arena No Info
10 Jun 11 (Fri) Russia, Saint Petersburg, Ice Palace No Info
12 Jun 11 (Sun) Russia, Moscow, Crokus City Hall No Info
14 Jun 11 (Tue) Ukraine, Kiev, Palace Of Sports No Info
18 Jun 11 (Sat) Poland, Warsaw, Orange Festival No Info
21 Jun 11 (Tue) Croatia, Zagreb, T-Mobile Festival No Info
24 Jun 11 (Fri) Bulgaria, CANCELLED: Razlog, Elevation Festival Jamiroquai cancelled their appearance at this festival because of an injury to Jay Kay's ankle.
26 Jun 11 (Sun) Turkey, CANCELLED: Istanbul, Kurucesme Arena Jamiroquai cancelled their appearance at this festival because of an injury to Jay Kay's ankle.
02 Jul 11 (Sat) Romania, Mamaia, Orange Summer Party No Info
03 Jul 11 (Sun) Former Yugoslavic Republic Of Macedonia, Skopje, Philip-II-Arena No Info
09 Jul 11 (Sat) Serbia, Novi Sad, Exit Festival No Info
13 Jul 11 (Wed) Germany, CANCELLED: Straubing, Jazz Donau The concert was unfortunately cancelled on 12 July.
14 Jul 11 (Thu) Germany, CANCELLED: Mainz, Zollhafen Nordmole The concert was unfortunately cancelled on 12 July.
16 Jul 11 (Sat) Switzerland, Bern, Gurten Festival No Info
17 Jul 11 (Sun) Germany, Ulm, Radio Festival No Info
19 Jul 11 (Tue) France, Arcachon, Velodrome No Info
21 Jul 11 (Thu) Italy, Padova, Piazzola Sul Brenta No Info
22 Jul 11 (Fri) Italy, Rome, Ippodromo Delle Capannelle No Info
24 Jul 11 (Sun) Italy, Lucca, Piazza Napoleone No Info
26 Jul 11 (Tue) France, CANCELLED: Bayonne, Arena This concert was cancelled at the very last minute and the following statement was made the following day. Jay Kay would like to apologise to disappointed fans for the cancellation of last night's show in France. Jay's on-going groin injury has been diagnosed as a hernia which will be need to be operated on later in the summer. Following an MRI scan last week specialists had advised rest but Jay has insisted he wants to try to finish the current run of dates. Doctors have said that provided he manages the pain sufficiently he can continue performing if he feels able. During the course of the past two days the pain flared up again and yesterday he reluctantly decided he did not feel he well enough to perform last night. After two days rest he is hopeful he will be able to complete the remaining 4 shows of the current run, including Toulon tomorrow night. Jay said "I would like to thank fans for their understanding, this is a very frustrating injury and some days the pain is just too extreme to perform to a standard I believe is acceptable. I promise I will do my best to come back out again soon when I'm fully fit and am optimistic I'll be able to pull off the remaining shows of the run."
28 Jul 11 (Thu) France, Nice, Palais Nikaia No Info
29 Jul 11 (Fri) France, Toulon, Six Four Festival Performed: Black Capricorn Day, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Morning Glory, Little L, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
31 Jul 11 (Sun) Spain, Barcelona, Poble Espanyol No Info
03 Aug 11 (Wed) Spain, Malaga (Auditorium Municipal) No Info
07 Aug 11 (Sun) Ibiza Privilege Club No Info
05 Sep 11 (Mon) Turkey, Istanbul, Kurucesme Arena Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Morning Glory (Intro), Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Use The Force (Interlude), Travelling Without Moving, Scam (Break), Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
09 Sep 11 (Fri) Italy, Monza, Stadio Brianteo, F1 Rocks Event organised as part of the Italian F1 Grand Prix.
29 Sep 11 (Thu) Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (Barra da Tijuca), Olympic Park Rock City, Rock in Rio Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Morning Glory, Canned Heat, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
20 Nov 11 (Sun) Germany, Oberhausen, Konig Pilsener Arena Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam (break), Alright, Deeper Underground. Due to heavy fog in London on the day of the concert the bandmembers arrived at the venue late with no time for a soundcheck. The concert started slightly later than planned and there were many complaints about the sound quality because of the lack of soundcheck. This is the rescheduled concert that was cancelled on 12 April.
22 Nov 11 (Tue) France, Paris, Bercy Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Dynamite, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
23 Nov 11 (Wed) France, Nantes, Zenith Nantes Metropole Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
25 Nov 11 (Fri) France, Strasbourg, Zenith Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Interlude, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Use The force, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Hurtin', Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
27 Nov 11 (Sun) France, Limoges, Zenith No Info
28 Nov 11 (Mon) France, Toulouse, Zenith No Info
30 Nov 11 (Wed) France, Lyon No Info
03 Dec 11 (Sat) Belgium, CANCELLED: Antwerp, Lotto Arena The Jamiroquai Facebook page wrote the following on 28 October - "We are sorry to announce the cancellation of the gig at Lotto Arena, Antwerp (Belgium), on 3rd December. This is due to unforeseen logistical problems, which have led to the difficult decision to cancel the gig. We hope to re-arrange the gig in 2012."
10 Dec 11 (Sat) UK, Silverstone, Red Bull F1 Racing Team Party No Info
31 Dec 11 (Sat) Australia, Sydney, Glebe Island No Info
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A rant on Myteam and its content creators

So, I've been thinking about letting my thoughts on the larger scale of Myteam content creators for awhile now and figured this is the place to do it.
Aside from the normal scandalous antics and conspiracy theories that hover overhead 2k/Ronnie/etc., I don't see enough in depth criticism aimed at Myteam creators who are just as big a part of the problem as anyone actually in charge of any part of the game, it's creation, or it's continued development throughout the year one span of each new installment of the series.
It's really pretty simple, but again, never explored. People complain all the time about 2K being predatory with an E rated game whose intention is to make the most money off of microtransactions as possible, but 2k isn't the only morally bankrupt or artistically lame party at fault, are they? Surely some of the blame belongs to the "content creators" who overexaggerate the "content" of each upload with capslock titles and clickbait thumbnails, not that clickbaiting and embelishing the truth on Youtube are tactics unique to 2k Youtubers, but it goes just a little deeper.
2K knows that its base is full of underage players/fans as do those who make videos that rack up thousands and thousands of views. Those who have the larger channels obviously set the bar and standard for format practices within the niche that is NBA 2K on youtube.
Let's talk about the quality or lackthereof with Myteam content. I'll start with perhaps the most shining example of those who produce non-content and perpetuate the culture of a casino for teenaged players (or at least one who sticks out in my mind as the most formulaic in their creation), people like Carlos.
Capslock titles? Check. Clickbait titles? Check. A script like style boiled down to a science complete with repetitive editing, seemingly insincere and also repetitive facial expressions/reactions, and a constant twist to make sure that no response to poor odds in a particular video is particularly negative against 2k, at least not explicitly so? Check. Buzz words like "MULTIPLE" to more or less fluff expectations ahead of time? Check.
This last point is important too as it may seem like a small detail, but really is also very practiced in what it's doing. For those who haven't seen Carlos or channels like his, "MULTIPLE" is nearly universal for "two". Yes, technically two is multiple, but you can't tell me that this is not done to pull a viewer in with the expectation that what is happening on screen is this incredible thing. (Despite hundreds of real dollars poured into packs for videos where a guy plays the role of hypebeast, says nothing of substance, tries to convince you that the casino simulator they're helping grow is something profound.) Above "MULTIPLE" is "SO MANY". So many is almost always 3. The difference? Off screen transitions, more real money transactions, and a cheap cut at the end of the video to hit you with the zinger of "BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE".
Going back, I want to address the science of Myteam content creators further. Again, Youtube is full of clickbait titles and thumbnails, this is not unique to 2k, but what I do find sort of unique is the bit by bit overscripting that is meant to make what's happening seem healthy and hip to do (I'll keep saying it, this is predatory to children). Videos made by these type of creators open with a loud "Yoooo!" and a Jojo Siwa-esque fast spoken intro. They set the table with a head tilt, an emotive action, a crazy face, and showing you what packs just dropped and quickly covering who's in them. This is generally filler nonsense that occupies the first couple minutes before they breeze over to opening the packs. General commentary is very little until the royalty free music picks up letting you know that they're about to pull a high tier card. This is where they act shocked, amazed, and hit you up with a signature "Let's goooo!", because you, are presumably a child who is impressionable and get excited when other people get excited, unaware that what's being peddled to you is full fledged gambling.
That's the video. Every time. Open packs, hypebeast the whole time and spin the experience as positive and exciting rather than potentially dangerous and crippling to impressionable viewers and move on. Other videos used to break up the monotany of pack opening videos are generally showing you things like how much MT they spent to rebuild their own "GAWD SQUAD" and chopping up any actual gameplay into microscopic portions in comparison to the actual length of a game of 2k.
This continues, because 2K loves money and desperate/shamless content creators love money and they are in bed with each other. Microtransaction culture continues, because this is one of the biggest developers from a financial standpoint who does not care who they're preying on at the end of the day. I listed Carlos, but he's not even the biggest channel doing this, just a big example that stuck out in my mind. More and more channels pop up trying to emulate the same shady practices and buzzword vomit, because they are both roped in by the hypebeasting and the potential lucrative benefits that come with it. It's a vicious, vicious cycle and the comments sections reflect that.
Don't really know where to end this, but thanks for listening to my Ted Talk. Feel free to also rant down below.
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The Casino de Monte-Carlo is open to players from 2 pm until the last table closes. Restricted access – over 18’s only Proof of identity required. Tours : Every day, except during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is open to groups and tours from 10 am till 13 pm only, so that games aren't disturbed. Entrance fee: €17 Visit duration: 40 minutes. Jul 1, 2015 - carlos place casino bonus code | Spin Palace is recognised as one of the world’s premium online casino destinations, and is the home to some of the most exciting casino games available. All of our players get to enjoy the best games and biggest jackpots in an exciting gaming environment that is guaranteed to exceed all of your casino gaming expectations. Launched in 2001, we at Spin Palace have developed a strong reputation Angrenzend an Monaco, nur 500 m vom Place du Casino. 06240 Beausoleil, Rue des Martyrs de la Résistance 06240 Beausoleil, Rue des Martyrs de la Résistance Zur Karte. Umzugsangebote anfordern. provisionsfrei, Balkon, Loggia, Tiefgarage, Gäste WC, Kelleranteil, barrierefrei, Personenaufzug. 480.000 € Kaufpreis 60 m² . Wohnfläche (ca.) 3 . Zimmer Anbieter kontaktieren Kontakt Merken Carlos Place Casino Review to roll Carlos Place Casino Review it over. Note that not all games are allowed to be played with the bonus credit, and not all games contribute at the same rate to roll over requirements. For example Blackjack is usually either completely forbidden, or contributes only 5% of each bet. In that case you would need to Carlos Place, Quesnel: See 75 unbiased reviews of Carlos Place, rated 5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #2 of 49 restaurants in Quesnel. High quality Caesars Palace gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Apache Gold Casino and Apache Sky Casino to close. Chairman Terry Rambler of the San Carlos Apache Tribe just announced via Facebook that the San Carlos Council, at a special meeting, approved the François Blanc, the casino's founder once said, “we should do nothing here as it is done elsewhere”. The image of James Bond has become inseparable from the Casino de Monte-Carlo, which, with its Belle Époque architecture, is a reference for gaming and entertainment, not just in Europe but around the world. An exceptional selection. French Roulette, Trente et Quarante, Baccarat, Black We have plenty of San Carlos casino hotels you can pick from. Find the Best San Carlos Casino Hotel. Are you thinking about where the hottest tables are or what San Carlos hotel has the best all-you-can-eat food options? (Winning tons of money playing cards can really work up an appetite.) San Carlos saw a lot of action last year, and you can find helpful tips in our review section. That being

[index] [28645] [4843] [6393] [22825] [16999] [7870] [7107] [27557] [17871] [845]

An atmosphere of legendary place at Casino de Monte-Carlo ...

Take a tour of Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats. It's a big-name location in a small country, with... The Casino de Monte-Carlo is the epitome of James Bond’s Spirit where your entire gambling desires can be fulfilled among a world-famous historical building.... Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Here we have it: a rare glimpse of the inside of Monte-Carlo Casino, the most featured casino in movies.Enjoy :) Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Transformation de la mythique Place du Casino en un jardin méditerranéen délicieusement sensuel, fait de gazon, au lever du jour, mis en scène par l'architec... Noël 2011 à Monte-Carlo,Illuminations Place du Casino. Monaco Official Website .Monte-Carlo SBM un après-midi de mars sur la place du casino de Monaco . Un musée de l'automobile.